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5 Reasons You Should Do a Weight Loss Competition

Humans are competitive by nature. We enjoy a challenge, and we love to win.

In our “want/need to lose weight" society, it’s no surprise that weight loss competitions have become so popular over the past several years. From a local pool with your coworkers all the way to a popular, dramatized T.V. show, these contests encourage keeping your eye on the prize.  

Unfortunately, many people dismiss the prospect of joining a competition because they feel they have no chance of actually winning.

In a weight loss competition, however, winning the challenge shouldn't be your only possible—and positive—outcome. Imagine what participating could do for your journey, and check out these five favorite reasons offered by our past 90-Day Challenge participants.

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8 Ways to Maximize Your Membership

You're paying for a Life Time membership, but have you considered all it gives you access to? It's part of defining what YOUR Life Time will mean for your journey.

Maybe when you registered, you were simply focused on getting back to the "gym." In actuality that day, you joined a healthy way of life destination! What could this mean for your personal goals and interests?

I think of my own trips to the gym (many days I'm there multiple times a day!), and it could mean everything from workouts and tri-training sessions to healthy lunches and hair appointments, from chiropractor visits to hot tub sessions at the end of a long day. 

How are you maximizing your member benefits, and what other Life Time offerings could be serving your experience today? Learn 8 ways you can make that membership work harder for your healthy life!


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10 Unexpected Truths of a Transformation Journey

Maybe these questions look familiar to you.

  • "What would a Transformation Challenge mean for my life?"
  • "How much change would I see?"
  • "What kind of support would I get?"
  • "What would I achieve that I never thought possible?"
  • "And what would my 'after' photo look like???"

While we all have an interest in getting healthier, sometimes life offers opportunities to dramatically propel us forward in our journeys!

We’re given the chance to experience something greater than we ourselves would necessarily pursue on our own. We’re given a chance to tap into a bigger collective energy and motivational momentum than we could conjure alone. The 90-Day Challenge is one of these opportunities....


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Transformative Takeaways: 90-Day Wisdom You Can Use

As the 90-Day Challenge comes to a close, thousands of individuals are doing their final weigh-ins and celebrating their success over the past three months. Out of the thousands, we’ll choose 4 national winners who have experienced the most success through their weight loss results and full body transformations. But what do these finalists - along with the other thousands of successful participants - have in common that got them across the finish line and to their goals? Read on for the most common commitments and pivotal strategies that create our 90-Day success stories and see how they can transform your journey!


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Challenge Check-in: 6 Strategies for the Midpoint

It’s the official midpoint, folks. Does it seem possible? How would you describe your Challenge experience so far? What’s been your biggest success? How would you rate your overall progress? What do you think you could improve upon? Midpoint is the perfect time to assess and realign with your goals in order to pave the way for greater success in these final weeks. Whether you’re happy with the progress you’ve made or want to kickstart new efforts, use what you’ve learned and commit to making the remaining weeks your best yet! Check out these 6 strategies for energizing the second half of your 90-Day journey!


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90-Day Primer: Balancing the Basics

With the 90-Day Challenge now underway, many of you are out of the starting gate this week with your in-it-to-win-it strategy. More than the competition itself, you’re committed to come out the other side of the 90 days a healthier, happier you. Reading through our success stories on the Life Time Weight Loss blog, you’ll notice how these men and women have achieved great results. They’ve shown the personal responsibility it takes to start new habits and stick with them. They’ve at times overcome major obstacles with perseverance, discipline and flexibility. It’s not an easy task to say the least. As these stories illustrate, our success depends largely on how we direct our basic resources (time, money, energy, support and psychology). When we acknowledge our personal needs in our health (and competition) journeys, we’re better able to make the best use of those resources and enhance our chance to meet the goals we’ve set.

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5 Reasons The 90-Day Challenge Rocked

5 Reasons Why the 90 Day Rocked

The pounds have been tallied and the winners have been crowned!  The 2012 Fall 90 Day Challenge has officially ended and will be marked one of the most successful events thus far.  If you are like us and not ready for the challenge to be over yet, read on to learn why this event rocked so much!   

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