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We know the science behind weight loss.

Every Life Time Weight Loss program is built specifically for you. That’s because every program at Life Time begins with a myMetabolicProfileSM assessment. This profile identifies areas of concern that may get in the way of your weight loss. After this assessment you’ll choose a plan based on your specific needs and lifestyle. One size doesn’t fit all, particularly when it comes to weight loss plans. That’s why we get results that are more than just short-term; we put you on the path toward achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for a lifetime.

We offer programs ranging from pre-packaged to completely custom. Or you can choose weekly Healthy Living Challenges. These informal gatherings allow small groups to meet with a Nutrition Coach and discuss various topics or concerns for the week in a casual setting. Talk to a trainer for help determining which program is right for you.

With your unique metabolic profile, our experts will create your own personal plan to lose weight. See How It Works

Success Stories

Success Stories


Geoffrey K. – Eagan, MN

I would first like to say "Thank you" to my biggest fan, Tara. She has been my cheerleader and kept me focused through all the rigorous dieting and training and has helped me remain steadfast. A big thanks to the people at Life Time Fitness for all their support and knowledge they have shared with me- knowledge which enabled me to achieve a goal that I wasn't sure if I could accomplish. 

I participated in the spring 2014 Transformation Challenge, and at the nine week point I received the news that I had been laid off from my job. I was completely devastated. I almost dropped out of the Challenge. I didn't, but mentally I was no longer in the game. Unfortunately, I’m still out of work. I have been dealing with bouts of depression and failure. 

During the summer, I started putting on the weight that I trained so hard to lose. I was eating out of emotion because of my unemployment status. Tara and her son Jacob suggested that I enter the Fall Transformation contest. Jacob is fifteen-years-old and dealing with weight issues himself and asked if he could "sort of" do the Challenge with me behind the scenes. He wanted me to help him with the diet portion and offer some suggestions for exercise. Although I was apprehensive, I agreed. If nothing else, it would help Jacob's self-esteem and hopefully keep me in a positive state of mind. My beginning stats were 51-years-old, 236 pounds and 24% body fat. Jacob's were 15-years-old, 200 pounds and 34% body fat. We both had our work cut out for us at the beginning of the journey.

I decided to go with Life Time's Master Trainer and Nutritionist Bob Holper. Bob is in his mid-fifties and a professional bodybuilder along with his career at Life Time Fitness. If anyone knows the pitfalls of training and nutrition at this age, it would be Bob. The individual and combined knowledge that’s at Life Time Fitness is second to none.

When I first met with Bob, looking at the plan made me woozy. The weight training is definitely in my wheel house. The cardio, dieting, carb cycling, supplements, and state of ketosis all made my head spin. However, the way Bob explained it challenged and motivated me. My dilemma at this point, since I was still laid off, was not having the funds to invest in the proper supplements and sessions with Bob. That could be a huge factor to my success. Also, I'm 51-years-young and realize I would have much younger competition. In addition, arthritis runs in my family, and I’m currently suffering with it.  My left shoulder and my right knee are in a condition of “bone on bone".  I want to be in the best possible shape I can be, remain active, and have the best quality of life. I'm trying to be a leader by example for my daughter, Lindsey, and Tara's kids, Jacob and Keira. Lesson learned while serving in the Marine Corps: I was told no matter what I was a winner.

I ended up selling some personal things to afford some of the supplements and sessions. This allowed me to get Life Time's fish oil, creatine, protein, D3 and L-glutamine to name a few. My energy levels with the D3 really improved especially during no-carb week. My joints haven’t felt this good in years, and I’m sure it is due to the fish oil.                                                                             

Every Tuesday Jacob and I would get up and take our weight and body fat measurements and record them on our chalkboard. It was only a few weeks when Jacobs’s friends started asking him what he was doing and how he was losing the weight. He would chuckle and explain to them his plan and the 90-Day Transformation Challenge. He also explained that the entire family was also trying to eat healthy. His friends were very supportive. That helped him to feel more at ease with what he was doing, and I was beginning to see his self-esteem increase. Jacob is now going to be starting hockey. However, when he is done ,he wants to be added to our membership.

The strict diet has really challenged my self-discipline. On my no-carb days, Bob would just look at me and say "If you feel lousy it's working!" Many times I asked myself if it was actually worth it at this point in my life. I would think of my daughter, who is currently attending college in Texas and working tirelessly (which is lasting much longer than ninety days). I am so proud of her, and I want her to be just as proud of me. While doing what seemed to be endless hours of cardio, I would imagine winning the nationals, winning the ten thousand dollars, and buying a plane ticket to Austin. I would then snap out of it, quit feeling sorry for myself and just suck it up!

The end of the Challenge is here. Jacob’s new stats are 166 pounds and 21% body fat. His transformation has been amazing. Along with his confidence and his self-esteem, his grades in school have drastically improved. My final stats are 198 pounds and 7% body fat. I reflect on the past 90 days and think of the all the things I’ve accomplished. In addition, I no longer need all the anti-inflammatories since I don’t have all the fat weight. I have endless amounts of energy, and I don’t feel lethargic after a meal - just to mention a few. Life Time Fitness has changed my outlook on life. I now have a strong mind, body and spirit. I have complete confidence that I will be finding a job very soon. I’ve learned there isn’t an age limit to fitness, and I will continue this newfound lifestyle that Life Time has given me. Thank you!  


Karolina Z. – Berkeley Heights, NJ

Having never been a member of a gym, I joined Life Time Fitness simply to get myself moving to stay healthy. After a nudge from my trainer, Ryan Kennedy, I signed up for the 90-Day Challenge. My goal was to change my body composition – to be leaner, stronger, and healthier. 

If someone told me a few months ago that I’d be doing barbell cleans and kettlebell snatches, I’d have told them they were crazy. Like everyone, I started off with tiny dumbells and bodyweight exercises and then moved on to more difficult ones until I was doing 100 kettlebell swings and weighted hip thrusts. The most surprising thing about my experience is that I enjoy every minute of my time in the gym, and I love the way I feel and look as a result of my training.

I read about fitness and nutrition every day because I have a passion for learning about it. I do not think of exercise as punishment - as it has become a habit and I see it as my reward for a long day’s work. I think of exercise as time for my body to play, to test itself, to see what new things it is able to do. I love doing kettlebell swings, I enjoy breaking a sweat, and I like that I’m so much stronger now. Little by little I reached my goal and even surpassed it in terms of what I thought I’d be capable of doing. I have now set new goals for myself. Exercise is just that empowering. For the ladies reading this - yes, I lift weights but no, I’m not bulky.  I’m leaner, stronger, healthier, and happier.

Never underestimate the power of exercise. 

I formed a habit. I followed whatever instruction the very knowledgeable Ryan gave me. I exercise three to four times a week, most weeks. I switch up my exercises. I make sure to throw in some cardio, and I never ignore strength training. With the help of Ryan’s expertise, I learned to log my meals and my calories burned and to adjust my macronutrients to reach my goal. I formed a habit and follow it every day.

My success came in more forms than I expected. I changed my body composition from 22.5% to 18.5% body fat by burning the fat and feeding the muscle - yes, feeding - as I also successfully learned to feed my body to control my results. But the most unexpected change was my newfound passion for fitness and nutrition, along with a world of new knowledge. I feel better than ever. I find that I can motivate myself, and others to lead healthier lives by getting more exercise and eating healthy. 


Jose C. – Berkeley Heights, NJ

I joined Life Time Athletic because of Alpha Training. I enjoyed high intensity, competitive workouts and wanted a workout similar to Cross-Fit. My Engagement Advisor, Michael Price, connected me with Adam Cornelisse, (Alpha Training Coach and Assistant Department Head of Training). Adam communicated and suggested I try a session with him. He gave me the motivation and support I needed to achieve my goals. At this point, I was attached to Life Time Athletic!

When I first joined, I was hesitant about my ability to do an Alpha workout, so I started training 1-on-1 with Adam. The training started to bring in motivation, support, and nutritional guidance to help me better my overall health while still challenging me in a workout that I enjoyed. I was training several times a week, enough to gain comfort to return to skiing for the 2012-2013 season. During this time, however, I gained weight and stepped on the scale at 247 pounds with a body fat of 38.7%. This happened from bad dieting (muffins, cookies, doughnuts, fast-foods, and whatever else was easily available) and little to no gym activity. At this time, I increased my waist size 3 times, from 34 (M) to 40 (XL)… not good!

Immediately I restarted working out but, this time around, I needed an enormous push of motivation and support having lost control, and all of the Berkeley Heights Trainers kicked in (how awesome!). Adam started training with me 3-5 times a week. While training, he helped me to recognize what effects my bad decisions had made while at the mountain. Insistent, motivating, no lenience, and maintaining consistency, I started to lose weight and build muscle, but slowly (my metabolism wasn’t used to it again).

In July, I weighed in and came in at 217 and 32% body fat. This was an improvement but not enough coming from 167 pounds. In September 2014, Adam convinced me “I can” do Alpha and placed me into Alpha training (didn’t know how fun or challenging it was yet). The support from Susan (the water, positive conversations, compliments – whoa!) , Hrvoje aka “H”, (non-stop positive energy and encouragement), Danny, and ALL the trainers push me to stay training in addition to the Alpha sessions - non-stop, and still going.

As of November 5, 2014, I weighed in and came in at 191.5 pounds and 24% body fat! From April to November, I lost 45 pounds and 14% body fat. I am amazed and feel great! I am now in Alpha Training twice a week, personal training a minimum of twice a week and working out with the support of the entire training floor! My workouts, diet, motivation, dedication, and overall health has done a full 360 turnaround, and I feel great (thanks Adam & Crew)! Adam doesn’t let me quit and doesn’t quit pushing. The results show the influences of true support, motivation, dedication, and nutritional support. Thanks Adam and BKH PT!”


Patrick B. - Overland Park, KS


Because I told myself I can do it.

Because I told myself I will do it.

Because I told myself I must do it.


I DID IT- focused on workouts everyday- did not miss a day of something (sometimes twice a day).

By lifting- and can lift as much as I did before and more.

By running -and can run farther and faster than I did before.

By swimming.

By yoga.

By rowing.

By stair climbing.

By Schwinn Airdyne. 

By working out in a fasted state.


I DID IT- by paying attention and focusing on dietary habits.

By eating less than 1000 calories a day at times

By eating clean protein and carbs - lots of salmon, vegetables, mixed nuts (not peanuts).

By limiting refined sugars other than eating 1 Voodoo doughnut in Portland and 3 cookies (1 gluten free).

By fruit and vegetable juicing.  

By limiting dairy, wheat, and non gluten free foods. 

By drinking a ton of water, iced tea and some coffee.  

And enjoyed Oktoberfest, my wife's birthday, two vacations and 90 days without alcohol. 



With the support of my family

With compliments from friends and family

With my family working out with me.  



and I feel great.

and I now have the habits to sustain it.

and I'm going to have a glass of wine from time to time

and I'm going to have a good beer from time to time starting with a 90 Schilling today.

and I will have some food that is not optimal but in moderation and rarely.


I DID IT- I reached my goal weight and now have set a new goal.

I DID IT- and will never go above my goal weight again.




Trisha C. – Schaumburg, IL

I will never forget the first day of the rest of my life—the moment that I told my family I did not want to be overweight anymore. It was something I thought about but never had the courage to do. I signed up for a Life Time membership that night in August and set up a consultation with a trainer for the next morning. I was almost a “no show” for my appointment. I was embarrassed that I let myself get to this point, and I thought that no trainer would understand. Reluctantly, I forced myself to the gym and met with Dan. He asked me what my goals were and why I decided that today was the time to change. I had no words, just tears. After going through different training options, I decided that the best option for me would be one-on-one training sessions. The next obstacle was to figure out how I was going to make this work financially. I went home and called my closest family members, begging them to make an investment in me—in my journey. They believed in me, and I went back that day for my first training session.

That weekend was the beginning of the 90-Day Challenge, and I had my first official weigh-in. I thought the scale was broken. I knew I was overweight, but my body fat fell in the obese range! I vowed from this day forward that I would no longer treat my body the way I had been for the last seven years. No more daily fast food, late night cookie and brownie binge eating and no more ten Diet Cokes a day. I started drinking water, which was something I normally only drank maybe once or twice a month. I woke up early every morning to eat a protein-packed breakfast and prepare my healthy lunch and snacks. I started taking daily multivitamins that I picked up at Life Café and drinking daily protein shakes. People I work with wondered who this new Trish was, as they have never seen me snack on vegetables and carry a water bottle around. The first two weeks were hard, but I felt alive inside with my new love of water and green vegetables. I no longer craved salty and sugary foods. I was empowering myself like I never had before, and food became my fuel instead of my crutch.  

Weigh-in Tuesdays and my weekly training sessions were my new favorite days. Every time I weighed in and saw my progress, I felt like I could conquer the world. My training sessions got more intense every week, and I thought Dan the trainer was intentionally trying to kill me. I whined a lot, but he never let me quit. Week after week my hard work was being recognized on the scale. Other people’s successes on the leaderboard motivated me to work even harder. Halfway through the Challenge, I realized how much I wanted this. I wanted to win. I started to believe that I could win. I then decided that I would purchase the D.TOX kit Dan kept telling me about. The first seven days were rough without eating my beloved Greek yogurt, but my body was feeling like it never had before. I soon found out that the D.TOX kit was a piece of cake compared to the last and final week depletion diet that my trainer advised me to complete. 

As a mother of two and a wife, there were many days along my journey when I felt completely selfish for investing all of this time and money into my newfound passion of healthy living. There were many days when the laundry did not get done, the house was a mess and dinner was brought home from Life Café. I couldn’t do it all, even though I was feeling like I had superhero strength. I felt guilty for putting myself first, but it was what I needed. I did not want to ever again be asked how far along I was and if I was expecting a boy or a girl. 

I had lost pieces of who I was with every pound I gained over the years. I was a person I no longer recognized in the mirror. I needed to find the person that I had lost along the way. The last ninety days have given me more than body fat and weight loss. I started at 34.3 percent body fat, and today I am 18.8. However, more importantly, I have found myself and am renewed with optimism that I can do things I never thought possible. My new strength extends beyond the weight I can now lift. I believe in myself and that is strength like no other.