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Vicki W. - Florham Park, NJ

I didn’t want to do the 90-Day Transformation Challenge, but I was “peer pressured” to do it. Of the 5 of us who started together (and you know who you are) only 2 of us remained! I figured, well, I do need to lose my Hurricane Sandy weight!  It seems those 2 weeks of makeshift eating and not being able to use the gym opened the flood gates to poor eating habits. Once opened, I just couldn’t shut them again. 

At the initial weigh-in, how shocked was I to find out that 1/3 of my body was composed of fat! What? I was practically a solid! 

I decided at 58, I wasn’t concerned about getting into a bikini. I was more interested in getting heart healthy. At first it was hard to get into a rhythm. Why wasn’t I losing weight? I got great advice from all the trainers who weighed me in weekly. So, what did this old dog learn?

  • Limiting myself to 3 meals a day wasn’t helping me and actually made it difficult to lose body fat because my body thought it was starving and slowed my metabolism to conserve energy.
  • Eating 5 smaller meals rich in protein cut my food cravings and made my body burn fat more efficiently.
  • Having almonds every time I eat fruit cuts the sugar high and subsequent crash, keeping me on an even keel and stopping the craving cycle.
  • I am addicted to cardio classes, but adding weight training to my exercise routine aided in body fat loss.
  • The thought of weighing in weekly and recording it keeps me on track.
  • I like “shopping” in my own closet and fitting into clothes that had been too tight. It’s like shopping with no money!

When I look at my before and after pictures, I am so surprised. I didn’t kill myself to get here, but I really do see a big change in my body. I am glad that I did the Challenge. I think I will be doing it again in the spring. I will make more of an effort to weight train so my goal will be to add some definition to my body!



Luke O. – Centennial, CO

This year we gave our family the gift of a Life Time Fitness family membership.  I wanted to give myself the gift better health. Over the last 4 months, I have not only lost 25 pounds but have realized how much more I have missed out on in life by being overweight. While it was difficult to “get started,”  I knew that I would need extra help to keep me committed to my overall goal of losing 50 pounds. 

I used the tools that Life Time offers and got a trainer. My trainer, Josh, has helped me stay committed to my goal and helped put together a realistic plan on how I could achieve my goals. Josh has not only helped with workouts but nutrition as well. The change in the last 4 months is amazing. I look and feel better. I’ve gone from dreading my workouts to looking forward to them. I’m still surprised by how much better I feel after working out.



Jayson L. – Tampa, FL

The 90-Day Challenge was an excellent opportunity for me to take control of my health. The idea of a competition with a potential monetary reward was the perfect catalyst to get my idle “Y” chromosome into action. But, before I could sign up, I had to see what others had done in 90 days. After a brief search through the photos of prior winners, I decided I was in! 

My first task was to get a plan. “Keep it simple “ was my mantra. First, get rid of all my excuses and potential excuses that would keep me from my goal. Oh, right, a goal, I needed a goal too...first things first. 

Excuse #1 - I don’t have enough time for workouts during the day.

Solution - Work out at night. 

Excuse #2 - I need to help with the kids.

Solution - Get home from work and help the kids with homework, baths, stories, and get them tucked in. Then, I still have enough time for a workout after 8:30 p.m. Fortunately, Life Time hours allow for late workouts. 

Excuse #3 - Meals are difficult to eat on the run.

Solution - Cook for yourself, and prep meals the night before. Also, take advantage of eating at Life Time post workout. I actually started enjoying hard boiled eggs. 

My plan unfolded. It was a simple one. My workouts would last 1 hour per day for 90 days. That is just 90 hours total for this challenge. I can do that. I would divide those hours evenly with 30 minutes of weight training and 30 minutes of cardio. 

I had not worked out consistently for at least 4 years, so I needed to ease into working out and not injure myself trying to get back too quickly. 

So, I was ready to start, but wait...I needed a goal - an attainable, not too lofty goal. My goal would also be simple. I wanted to win the 90-Day Challenge! A bit lofty, yes, but if I took small strides I might just get there. My 30-day goal started really simple - just get to the gym for 1 hour a day and eat healthy. That is how it started, and that is how it stayed. 

I established my workout routine with simple basic exercises. Now, onward we go to the diet part of this challenge. 

Diet always seems daunting. Which diet to follow? Low carb? Low fat? Atkins? Sugarbusters? Paleo? South Beach? What should a guy do? Oh yeah, KEEP IT SIMPLE. 

I decided to cut out bread, pasta and processed food. I’d eat lean meat, eggs, brown rice and wholesome grains...and lots and lots of vegetables (not corn or potatoes) but lots of green vegetables. 

So, that is how it all got started. I did not look back, and I don’t believe I ever will. The reason is simple. A lot of wonderful things happened along the course of my 90-Day Challenge. 

First, I am no longer taking my blood pressure medications, which comprised a 2-drug therapy. My doctor always said, “Shed a few pounds and do some cardio.” He was right! 

Second, I have a ton more energy for my kids (6-year-old Sophia and 3-year-old Tobias). 

Third, I turned 45-years-old during the Challenge. I feel the most invigorated since my 20s. 

Finally, and very importantly, I celebrated my 15th year wedding anniversary. My wife (Sarah) was extremely supportive throughout the Challenge. Her support really let me know without a doubt how much she loves and cares for me. And that feeling of unconditional love is priceless. 

I must also thank the staff at Life Time for their support. They would always answer my questions, no matter how inane. Also, without the exquisite childcare, my workouts would have numbered far fewer. My kids now beg to go to the Kids Academy at Life Time. Kids begging to exercise...what a bonus! 

Thank you for setting up the Challenge and changing my life! 




Vern P. - Champions, TX

Being overweight at 215 pounds in January, I decided to try Team Weight Loss at Life Time Fitness. By July I, had lost about 25 pounds but had begun to plateau.

I decided to sign up for the 90-Day Challenge, hoping to accelerate things. By the fourth or fifth week I had moved up to the #1 spot, which motivated me to keep going. I lost another 24.7 pounds during the 90-Day Challenge, going from 189.8 to 165.1.

The keys to my success were Team Weight Loss and our wonderful trainer, Andre Bryan, the support of my family, being willing to work out more than just in class, and tracking my food and exercise in the MyFitnessPal app.




Shelly B. – Colleyville, TX

I had surgery on my back in 2012. After a couple of months in a back brace, followed by several months of physical therapy and many more months of trying to overcome the mental fear of hurting my back again…skip ahead 2 years, and I had put on about 15 pounds. I was very unhappy with my body shape, lack of energy and tired of not feeling well in general. 

I was an active person before my surgery, and I wanted to be an active person again. I wanted to BE healthy. I wanted to FEEL healthy. I had a renewed determination to not just live, but to live “right.” I needed to make a change, and I knew I couldn’t do it on my own because I had tried in the past and failed. 

I went to Life Time Fitness and changed my membership from “medical hold” to “active.” I also signed up with a trainer and paid in advance, knowing if I paid ahead of time I would be more likely to follow through. Next step was signing up for the 90-Day Challenge. I also somehow managed to talk my 16-year-old daughter into signing up for the 90-Day Challenge with me as well. Having a partner and motivator would help keep me on track. AIso, I was really thinking, “I only have 2 years with her before she heads off to college. I need to educate her on a healthier lifestyle so hopefully she will make better choices once on her own." What better way to do that then to show her, not just preach to her.

Next I took full advantage of every tool Life Time Fitness had to offer: D.TOX, food sensitivity test, resting metabolism test, stress test, hormone test and active metabolic assessment. I met with the nutritionist on staff. She helped line me up with the proper vitamins and supplements. I utilized the sauna (made friends there) ate yummy, healthy food from the LifeCafé, and “attempted” yoga in the beginners workshop that was offered. I went to a co-ed cardio tennis class. I wore a pedometer. I even signed up for a fall tennis team. 

At home I was eating clean, non-processed foods and avoiding alcohol and soda. My grocery shopping habits changed. I was making better decisions not only for me but for my family as well. I was seeing what I call the “trickle down effect.” Soon the family was craving home cooked meals. Pizza went from being every Friday night to once a month. We were all thinking about what we were putting in our mouths instead of just mindlessly eating. We talked about portion sizes, fueling our bodies, how active we were being. It was amazing to see how my decisions were having a positive effect on my family.

Now that I am at the end of my 90-Day Challenge I have learned many things about myself. I learned I have self-control after all. I learned what delayed gratification is. I learned that I could make a plan and stick to it. I learned that we need discipline to become the people we want to be. I learned that the sense of accomplishment when you work hard for something is a wonderful, fulfilling feeling. And hearing your family tell you how proud they are of you…is priceless.

I am very thankful and grateful for the Life Time “team.” They have encouraged, educated and kept me motivated on this journey. I am happy to say that I did accomplish my goal of FEELING healthy again. I will continue being active through my workouts at Life Time Fitness. Today I even signed up for a winter recreation tennis league. I plan on continuing and maintaining my healthy lifestyle not only for myself but for my family as well.  We truly reap what we sow… and so do others in our lives - especially our children.