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Clay J. 

“I have known about the D.TOX program since its inception because I helped create the website. I work as a vendor for Life Time, and I have been a yo-yo dieter for over 20 years. Since I am a web developer, much of my day is spent sitting in front of a computer. 

"My eating habits were not great. I would always seek out convenience food, and that usually meant something processed and full of sugar. I have been pretty discouraged by ‘dieting’ the past couple of years, because as a 45-year-old male, losing weight didn’t come as easy as when I was 30. In fact, it seemed impossible, because no matter what I tried, the pounds would just stay there. I also had another big issue, which was a love for my evening cocktail . . . ok, cocktails. Breaking that habit was going to be difficult, but I knew that was a big part of my inability to lose weight.

"I started working with Samantha, a dietitian at the corporate office, a couple of months ago trying to make small changes week by week. More water, supplements, tracking food, more protein. I started to notice a difference, but Samantha told me early on that she wanted me to do the D.TOX program, which frankly scared the heck out of me. 

"The time came for me to jump into D.TOX, and Samantha helped me prep, and I also attended one of the in-club D.TOX discussions one Saturday. I knew it would be tough, but my wife agreed to do it with me, and having that support ended up being a big component for success. We got our D.TOX Kits and read all of the materials that I had put on the website, but honestly had never examined before. The guide clearly laid the plan out in an easy to understand way. The next two weeks were going to be tough, but I knew if I followed Samantha’s advice and studied what I could and couldn’t eat, I would be solid. 

"I asked her why most people fail. She said it is all about the meal and snack prep. She couldn’t have been more right. Having meals and snacks on the ready make this program 100% easier. I won’t get into the day-to-day, but I tried to keep it super simple. Shake in the morning, pre-prepped meal for lunch and dinner with lots of protein and veggies. Oh yeah, and no alcohol. The first couple of nights I felt a little out of sorts without my cocktail, so I tried to keep my hands and mind busy until bedtime. After a week, I could feel my cravings subsiding and the pounds started to fall off! WHAT!?!  After two weeks, I was down 12 pounds. HUH!? Did D.TOX and I just become best friends? YEP! 

"Coming off D.TOX wasn’t the moment I thought it would be. I pictured my head in a basket of chicken wings while having a 16 oz. Bourbon Manhattan by my side. I know, I’m supposed to reintroduce one thing at a time, but a boy can dream. The funny thing was, I didn’t want any of those things. I brought back my one cup of coffee in the morning, but I stayed away from sugar, gluten, soy and dairy. I can now have a drink or two on the weekends, but I’m such a lightweight that I don’t want any more than that. I have to say this was a great kick start to eating (and drinking) clean. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, and it gives me a new appreciation for eating and living clean. I’m looking forward to doing it again!”


Donielle F.

"Like many people, I have struggled with my weight most of my life. Three times in my adult life, I have lost more than 30 pounds only to find them again.

"Two years ago, I became a member of Life Time. At first, I did the treadmill, but eventually I got more involved and joined a 60-Day Challenge.

"I have psoriasis . . . bad. My goal was no longer to lose weight. My goal was to rid my body of toxins in the hopes of helping clear my skin. That goal led me to DTOXSM

"I don't just feel better inside with D.TOX, I can see the transformation almost immediately. The redness around my psoriasis dissipates, the itching slacks off, the scaling disappears, patches begin to heal from the center out. ALL OF THIS takes place in the 2 weeks I'm on D.TOX. It is no joke. 

"As a byproduct of my D.TOX, I've lost weight. I've completed D.TOX four times and lost 7 to 10 pounds each time. But it's not just the weight loss during D.TOX. I feel that DTOX has helped me maintain my weight as well. Between, DTOX, the 60-Day Challenge, yoga and other group fitness classes, I lost 60 pounds over a 6-month period. I gained a few back over the holidays, but I lost them again with my latest D.TOX.  

"I have maintained my weight loss now for a year and a half. I am 47 years old and I feel better than I have in YEARS. D.TOX was a huge part of the process.

"I stay gluten and dairy-free (it's easier than you think) and the D.TOX recipes and approved food lists really helped . . . so did the staff. Coach Anika and her staff are amazing. Reach out to them and they will help you.

"If you decide to D.TOX, a couple of my favorite tips from them: 

  1. Hit the sauna. Even if I don't have time to work out, I try to hit the sauna nearly every day.
  2. Drink a lot of water. It helps! I double up and drink water at least 2 bottles in the sauna.
  3. Batch cook. You're more likely to stay on plan if you have go to meals ready in your fridge.  

"I wish you success. D.TOX is an investment in your overall health. It works . . . now when I go for a physical, I ROCK it on stats and blood work. I thank staff of the D.TOX program for helping me achieve my goals." 

Yours in health,
Michigan LT member, Donielle


Chuck N.

"Didn't really have any intention of going through a detox but then I read an email from Life Time about the program, did some additional research and then decided it was a good opportunity to do a reset on my body removing the toxins and establishing healthy eating habits.

"I was also looking forward to dropping a few pounds in the process. I only did one day of prep, looked at my schedule over the coming two weeks and decided to start the detox the following day.

"The entire process was not that difficult other than missing a cocktail or two on the weekends. A few days into the detox, I did feel a bit achy in my back from the toxins releasing in my body and it getting used to eating clean foods.

"I found that a sauna, some stretching and a massage took away the aches. The recipes provided are great and even during restore and afterward, I am eating this food. Preparing meals in advance is also key.

"Overall, a great experience."


Becca E.

“I decided to do this detox through Life Time to give my body a reset while I was also doing the Fall 60 Day Challenge. I was plateauing with my weight loss and needed an extra boost. This detox is something I would highly recommend! I felt amazing the second week of it and through the weekend. This was my first detox ever and I can say that I will do it again in the future.  

“I had a lot of people ask me if I can still eat. Of course I can still eat. I would never do a cleanse or a detox where I couldn’t eat food. I love food! A lot of the food recipes were very similar to what I was already eating so I didn’t feel like it was much of a change besides smoothies in the morning. 

“I was content with all of the food recipes. My favorite smoothie is banana, chia seeds, almond butter, coconut milk, water, ice, fiber and the [D.TOX shake mix]. A tip I would highly suggest would be to make sure you are really drinking tons of water a day especially when you are adding extra fiber. Another tip is make sure you sweat daily! You will feel so much better and this maximizes getting all the toxins out of your body.

“I love this detox! I will be doing it again in the future and I am so happy to tell my story about this and promote it! It is amazing how much support you get through the two weeks! My coworker is starting it on Monday, October 16th and I can’t wait to help her through it! Overall I lost 5 pounds during this detox which I was completely happy with!”


Mary and Bradley

"This D.TOX program has been just the ticket for my wife and I.  We were looking for a program that we could do together.


"This was a straightforward program that was pretty much turn-key for us. We got busy the Sunday before the program and we bought and cooked the acceptable foods.  Plus we pre-made lunches for the week.


"It was hard initially but we now feel in a routine supporting each other along the way.  It is early but to date we have a combined 26 pounds weight loss which seems remarkable to me.


"We now are feeling fantastic and excited about the upcoming weeks. We are going to Hawaii in February and we are hoping to be the best versions of ourselves by that date. We appreciate the plan and the podcast."