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We know the science behind weight loss.

Every Life Time Weight Loss program is built specifically for you. That’s because every program at Life Time begins with a myMetabolicProfileSM assessment. This profile identifies areas of concern that may get in the way of your weight loss. After this assessment you’ll choose a plan based on your specific needs and lifestyle. One size doesn’t fit all, particularly when it comes to weight loss plans. That’s why we get results that are more than just short-term; we put you on the path toward achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for a lifetime.

We offer programs ranging from pre-packaged to completely custom. Or you can choose weekly Healthy Living Challenges. These informal gatherings allow small groups to meet with a Nutrition Coach and discuss various topics or concerns for the week in a casual setting. Talk to a trainer for help determining which program is right for you.

With your unique metabolic profile, our experts will create your own personal plan to lose weight. See How It Works

Success Stories

Success Stories


Chris C. - Maple Grove, MN

It has been said that there are two types of people in this world, those who “eat to live” and those who “live to eat.” I am definitely in the latter group! I like to eat…a lot. My diet can be summed up in four food groups: fats, sweets, carbs and beer. I ask, is it really food if it isn’t deep-fried and dipped in queso, ranch dressing or hot fudge? I didn’t think so either. Food temptation is constant at home, work and socially.  I work for a company that keeps a whole wall of unhealthy snacks stocked – chips, candy, and high-calorie drinks. They even have a beer fridge and an ice cream freezer stocked full every day to keep us happy. With such an unhealthy diet and constant temptation, it really isn’t a surprise that I was overweight. I’ve been a Life Time member for a few years now and have seen the 90-Day Challenge numerous times and thought about joining, but always had some excuse not to. Not this time. I didn’t like how I looked or how I felt. Now was the perfect time for me to make a change!

Plus, I had the perfect plan that couldn’t fail – diet AND exercise! I know, genius right? Well, turns out I’m not the first to come up with this plan…. If you Google “diet and exercise,” you get 1,970,000 results. Apparently, the hard part isn’t figuring out what to do. It is actually doing it. I knew with the right plan I could achieve some pretty dramatic results. I just needed to be realistic and let my inner-competitive spirit drive me. When I told my wife I entered the 90-Day Challenge, she asked what I’d win. I said, “$10,000.”  She said what do you get for second place, and I said, “I don’t know, I’m not planning on getting second place!”

For diet, I needed a complete overhaul.I wanted to be healthy and realistic – no starving! I needed to limit calories, processed carbs, starches, fat, sugars and alcohol. I didn’t want to be a hard-core calorie counter, and I didn’t want to feel drained of energy. A typical breakfast was a large protein shake made with spinach, Greek yogurt, flaxseed and fruits. It was surprising how filling it was and packed with nutrients for the day! For lunch and dinner I’d usually have some sort of lean protein with vegetables or a salad. I tried to limit my portion sizes and drink lots of fluids, black coffee and water, no sodas. If I felt like I needed a snack, I ate a piece of fruit, a few carrots or something healthy. I limited alcohol to special occasions and only had 1 or 2 drinks – always to be offset by extra exercise the next day: 1 beer = +1 mile. I took a multi-vitamin and fish oil as supplements.  The first few days were hard as I worked through my unhealthy cravings. Healthy food then started to taste better, and I soon didn’t crave the unhealthy foods. Avoiding the temptations became easier.

Routine exercise was not part of my daily regimen, so I had to make it routine. I wanted to focus on cardio to help with the weight loss, but I didn’t want to look emaciated when I was done, so I needed a plan for strength training also. I didn’t want to bulk up, so I did lower-weight, higher-rep strength workouts 3-times a week on the major muscle groups to tone up. I ran 5 or 6 days a week without fail. There were days when I felt like Forrest Gump – “Run Chris, Run!” I could barely run a single 10-minute mile when I started so I’d walk, but in the third month of the contest I ran a 10K, 10-Mile and Half Marathon race! I prefer to run outside, but I loved the new treadmills at Life Time…where else could I run a course in New Zealand, Germany or the Grand Canyon without having to worry about wind or rain? And Life Time is always open, 24-hours/day! I also enjoyed using the sauna and whirlpool at the end of my workouts.

Finally, it wouldn’t have been possible without a great support network.  My wife and kids were very supportive about my diet and workout needs. My sister-in-law was my running partner and helped push me farther and faster. The rest of my family and friends were also very supportive - they’d always ask, “have you won yet?” instead of “are you done yet?” I liked the vote of confidence. 

I like how I look, how my clothes fit, and how I feel. I’m optimistic this 90-Day start will lead to a change for the rest of my “Lifetime”!


Mike A. – North Dallas, TX

I was a runner. Then I got busy. I started my own business in 2007. My second child had a condition that required long and frequent stays at the hospital. I had a number of other excuses to not work out. By 2011, I weighed 322 pounds, I was on blood pressure and acid reflux medication. 

That was the year weight loss became a personal goal. I started strong, but we had another child, and my business began to grow quickly so exercise happened less often than it should have. In June 2014, I herniated a disk in my back. Too much time in a chair leaning over a drafting table was the cause of my condition. The pain was excruciating. I needed a walker to get out of bed. Doctors advised me to skip our family vacation because traveling would put excessive stress on my injury. My wife and kids had to go without me. I felt like a failure. It was time for change. 

In July, I needed a cane to walk. My workout involved walking in the pool to build back my posture, and stretching sore muscles in the hot tub. I noticed the 90-Day Challenge was going to start soon, so I asked my doctors what I had to do to join. My chiropractors  (Autumn Gore, Tom Gore and Lance Wright), got me in condition to start the Challenge. Ten days before the Challenge, I was cleared to walk, swim, and use the elliptical machine for 20 minutes at a time. I literally limped into the Challenge at 293 pounds, but I was determined to change. 

My Plan
Two Life Time trainers helped create a weight loss plan. Ryan Barbosa suggested using a Fitbit to monitor my activity and calorie intake. He also helped think of creative ways to get extra steps throughout the day. Bathroom breaks at work became quick 15-minute walks. I began walking to the grocery store with a stroller. We added walks in the morning before getting the kids ready for school and after they went to bed. After the first few weeks I was getting 20,000 or more steps a day. I was also coming to the gym at least 3 times a week to swim and using the elliptical machine. 

After week 4, I was cleared for exercise. Ryan gave me an exercise routine to specifically help me strengthen my core and generally work my other muscle groups. He showed me variations on many exercises that I could do with my injury. It didn't take long for me to make strength gains. As I got stronger, we added jogging, basketball drills, and even a few aerobics classes into my program.

Christin Bell helped me with nutrition. She coached me through the D.TOX program. During D.TOX, the Cafe made me a number of fantastic healthy meals. My favorite was the Caprese Chicken and grilled peppers. D.TOX really helped me to get food portions under control. Christin also gave us a wonderful tour at Whole Foods. I learned what foods to buy and how best to prepare them. Grilled lean meats and vegetables cooked with a little coconut oil or ghee quickly became the staples in my diet. I also added raw nuts, seeds, and Fast Fuel Complete shakes to cover snacks twice a day. During the first month of the Challenge, I dropped 33 pounds! 

During D.TOX, my daily calorie intake was around 1500. At one of my weekly weigh-ins, we noticed that I wasn't eating enough to sustain my muscle. Christin provided a Resting Metabolic test to help understand my diet needs. We increased my daily calories to around 2000. We also increased my fat and protein intake. It slowed my weight loss down slightly, but I wasn't losing muscle. After these small changes, my energy level was higher, and I had better workouts. I began to make quick strength gains.

By month 3 of the competition, I was running, playing basketball, and tennis. My wife and I were going to Danceaton classes on Saturdays. Working out was fun again. I had gone from a tight 44 inch waist to a loose 38 inch waist. I had plenty of energy to play with my kids and more focus  at work. My time in the gym was paying off.

The 90-Day Challenge was life changing. I learned how to incorporate exercise into my very busy schedule. I still found time to be a husband, a father and a business owner. On the last Try-It Tuesday, we had a 5k, and I finished in 29:50! Once again I can proudly say, I am a runner. Thanks for all your help.


Maria S. – Lakeville, MN

I have lost and gained the same 10-20 pounds all my life. This time it needed to be about ME, my health and future rather than simply the weight piece. I JUST WANTED TO BE HEALTHY.  

So, I said, “It’s my time." I got on the bandwagon, lost my 20 - AGAIN…. That was 2 years ago.

February of 2012, my brother's wife was diagnosed with double negative breast cancer.  After surgery and months of chemo and radiation, she was doing very well and back to playing tennis and training for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Then the cancer was back. I flew down to Florida in October to be with my brother during her last couple of days. Heather died way too young at 40 leaving behind her husband and 2 young children.

I was back in Florida in January 2014 to bring my mom down to help my brother with the kids until a nanny or other arrangements could be made. Mom died unexpectedly in March of 2014, (hypertensive stroke) in Florida. I brought her home, planned the funeral, worked on managing her estate and selling her house. Add to that my own family as well as life in general…and that’s where the last 2 years went. And that sure was enough to get us off the couch.

Jeff (my husband ) and I joined Life Time. James Simon got us all hooked up from the sales end and suggested some options to try on “our journey.” He introduced us to an amazing trainer, Carolyn Kroulik. She did our first personal assessment, MyHealthScore. I sucked and obviously needed her help and anyone else who was willing and able.

We started meeting with Carolyn, our trainer, one night a week together. It was awesome (after the first couple of weeks!!). Neither of us could move for the first week. It was actually very funny. We made jokes about how the grunting and groaning from our workout aches and pains was how it will be 20-30 years from now….hahaha.

We began to get into the “working out” routine when Carolyn suggested we sign up for the 90-Day Challenge.  It came at an amazing time. I was soooo ready to get rid of that darn 20 pounds for the last time, keep it off and get healthy. Not to mention, my personal assessment and last doctor appointment were testament to the fact that it HAD to be MY time since I still had the “trifecta” of health concerns: obesity, high blood pressure and pre-diabetes.

My husband and I geared up for the 90-Day. We started training together with Carolyn two times a week and listened to our trainer.  She had us pick up vitamins and supplements to help us get through these 90 days and get us healthier. The “Lean Source” and multi-vitamins from Life Time along with the other supplements were amazing and added to our energy level along with the training in both weightlifting and cardio. We would pull out the “tub o’ vitamins" every Sunday and fill our pill boxes for the week (another thing we laughed about as we thought of our parents' shoe box of pills and 20 – 30 years from now!) She had suggested we start by doing D.TOX, (Life Time's detoxification program). That gave us the kickstart we needed and so much energy to start eating healthy and start seeing the rewards.  

As the weight began to come off and we continued to get stronger, we added another day of weight training a week. We were training as a couple twice a week, and we each had our “own” hour with Carolyn to work on specific problem areas as well.

I was ecstatic. My original goal to get under 200lbs was a thing of the past after the first 4 weeks. Carolyn and all the trainers and team at Lakeville Life Time Fitness were so supportive, and it was fun to go work out.

As I got 6-7 weeks into the Challenge, I hit a plateau. Carolyn introduced me to Andrew Swanson who did my Metabolic Assessment and set me up with AMAZING workouts specified just for me to optimize my cardio workout and burn more fat.  

The end result was 50.2 pounds lost in 90 days. My blood pressure had been 142/95 in April. By the first week in October it was 115/75. 

So, all that “stuff” they tell you about how the “tri-fecta” of health concerns can be conquered with diet and exercise - they are CORRECT. Not to mention having tons of love and support from everyone at Life Time Fitness, friends and family. But most of all, my wonderful husband, who has put up with the highs and lows throughout this journey and my wonderful trainer who pushes and encourages me daily.


Jack B. - 90-Day Transformation Challenge Winner - Fall 2014

Life Time literally changed my life. I’m going to be 40-years-old three days after the Challenge ends. And I’m not only in the best shape of my entire life, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen my abs—ever! I was a “husky” kid, became a fat teenager, gained the “freshman fifteen” in college, and never looked back. I’ve always been too embarrassed to go swimming. My doctor told me earlier this year that being overweight helped cause my umbilical hernia. And my seven-year-old daughter recently noticed my stretch marks and asked, “Dad, what are those things on your stomach?” I knew something had to change. I joined Life Time earlier this year when the first club opened in California, and when I saw the signs for the 90-Day Challenge, I knew it was the kick in the pants I needed. I also knew I needed three ingredients to succeed: motivation, a workout plan, and a diet overhaul. 

In all sincerity, Life Time itself gave me all the motivation I needed to succeed. Let me explain. I’ve belonged to a couple of gyms over the years but couldn’t go more than two (maybe three) times a week. I work a lot and have to watch my daughter because my wife works in the evenings. Life Time’s Kids Academy and its great hours allowed me to do something I’ve never been able to do before: work out six days a week. In fact, my daughter loves the Kids Academy so much that she actually asks to go on a daily basis, which helped motivate me to get off my rear every day and go too. The trainers are also more friendly and helpful than anywhere else I’ve ever worked out. At least four different trainers talked to me every time they saw me, gave me fist bumps, told me I looked great, and gave me advice. This positive feedback really helped keep me going. Even the locker room attendants motivated me by saying “Wow, you’re really leaning out” and “Man, you’re getting more ripped every day.” I’ve never experienced this at any other gym. The staff and trainers at Life Time actually paid attention to me. They recognized me. They celebrated my success genuinely. This was exactly what I needed to keep moving forward for 12 weeks. 

The second ingredient of my transformation was my workout plan. I should mention that my plan was probably very different than many others. This is because I had hernia surgery four days before I began the challenge (notice the bandage in my “before” picture). This was frustrating because I had to complete the challenge in different stages. Luckily, it worked. During Week 1, I couldn’t exercise at all. So I spent this week focusing on two things: my diet and my exercise plan. First, I dropped my calories, got an app that tracked my food, and threw away all the junk food and processed garbage in my apartment. Second, I spent the week reading and researching ways to lose weight without losing muscle. 

The last ingredient of my transformation was a radical change in my diet. Before the Challenge, and for my whole life, I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, usually donuts, burgers, frozen burritos, pizzas, cheesecakes, chips, and cookies. If it was processed, had sugar, and/or had fat, I ate it and asked for another. I knew I needed to clean up my diet. But one of the trainers recommended I also try “carb timing,” so I did, and, boy, did it work! On workout days, I didn’t eat carbs, except for green vegetables, all day until right before and after my workout. 

From the start, I knew the 90-Day Challenge was just the beginning. The “after” is even more important, not just for me, but because I also want to be a positive role model for my daughter. I know I can embrace the changes I’ve made for the long-term because they are simple: eat right and work out regularly with intensity. In fact, I’ve already made an “exit plan” by mapping out my post-challenge workouts and diet so I can keep this commitment going into the “after.” I need to thank my wife for her support. But, really, I owe Life Time a thank you as well. This is the best birthday present I’ve ever received, and although I gave it to myself, I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!


Sara H. - 90-Day Transformation Challenge Winner - Fall 2014

I am a 31-year-old mother to 4 wonderful children and a wife to the most amazing man. Four months ago I looked in the mirror and realized I needed to change some things about myself, but didn't think I had the time or energy. I thought I had it all together, running a tight household ship until I had my baby last March. With my kids having a demanding school schedule, along with after school sports, I was always taxi-ing someone around. Between feeding the baby, cleaning up a mess, watching my kids’ practices and spending time with my toddler, I didn’t have any free time for myself. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change my life for the world, but I was exhausted and felt like every day I got out of bed for everyone but me. I found myself getting lost in the shuffle and not knowing who I was anymore. After talking with my husband, we decided that joining a gym would be some much needed time for myself. 

This amazing journey began after becoming a member at Life Time. I was ready to jump in with both feet and get started; to lose my baby weight, get fit and healthy and find myself. I started by taking a few group classes and was really enjoying them, but knew I could use a little extra help. I knew I needed a trainer but didn't even know where to start. I met with Kayla and she referred Tyler Stephens as being a good fit for me. Tyler and I met a couple times and he told me about the 90-Day Challenge and thought that it would be something that I would do well with. So I signed up! 

That next week I set the most difficult goal for myself and decided I would strive toward winning the challenge. I wasn’t sure if it was possible, but I was going to give it all I had. I started telling people about the contest and that I wanted to win. “Do you have time for that?” “Do you really think with so many people that you could possibly win?” “Don't you feel selfish for taking that time away from your family?” were the responses I received. Growing up in the shadows of my family it had become difficult to feel successful at anything. Coming from an upbringing of always being “second best”, I wanted to prove to those people, and mostly to myself, that I was capable of achieving greatness - that I possessed the determination and discipline to compete in such a rigorous contest. 

I talked to Tyler about it and he helped me set some realistic goals that I could start working towards. He was so amazing and helped me every step of the way. He always pushed me and challenged me beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. Along with training with him three times a week, I also started cycle classes several times a week. Through this process I also "learned" to swim. I swam a lot, which is amazing considering I had never swam a lap in my life. It was a rough start but once I got the hang of it I really enjoyed those quiet workouts in the pool. I became educated in Life Time supplements to maximize my performance, as well as nutrition which I followed religiously. 

As the weeks went on it became difficult to stay motivated. 90 days seemed like forever and I was tired. I could hear those voices telling me I would fail. It was hard to go workout after long hours of work or early Saturday mornings. Sometimes the only time I could find was late at night, but with the support of my husband, I only missed ONE workout. I had a few rough weeks where I platued and struggled. I had just stopped nursing my baby and I was having a hard time adjusting. Tyler and I sat down and reevaluated things and continued on. He also introduced me to hot yoga. I didn't even know Life Time offered such an amazing workout and way to de-stress. It was just what I needed to get back on track. 

I have learned so much from this journey. I am a mother, a wife, a taxi driver, a house keeper, a cook AND an athlete! Thank you Life Time for this life changing experience! I set a goal and achieved it through blood, sweat, tears and copious amounts of squats. Now I can proudly hold my head up with a newfound confidence to those both who supported me and said I could never do it. Regardless of the outcome, I will always feel like a winner and my gratitude and new outlook on life and fitness are beyond words!