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8 Ways to Strategize Your Winter Fitness 

With the onset of the holidays and the colder months, it's officially that time of year when people move less.

For one, we're less likely to be active outside (at least those of us in the colder regions). Sometimes we're even less motivated to drive to the gym!

With holiday events and chores, we're crunched for time, which means workouts too often get pushed off the agenda.

Added to this picture, holiday travel can throw schedules up in the air and make workout logistics that much more complicated.

If the winter months are testing your exercise routine, check out these tips to make good fitness happen despite the season's challenges. 


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Your 12-Point Winter Health Primer 

When you consider the span of fall and winter holidays, that's two full months - a sixth of the full calendar year. Add to this time frame the challenges of post-holiday winter months when it's all too easy to enter semi-hibernation mode.

Added together, suddenly we find ourselves able to justify poor eating, erratic sleep and little exercise for nearly half the year!

It's little wonder we feel rushed and overwhelmed by the march to "swimsuit season" come spring. 

That said, this time of year admittedly offers its unique challenges. The holidays inevitably add errands, travel and indulgences to life while the cold weather can leave us struggling to maintain the same fitness and exercise schedule that worked fine last summer. How do we re-tune that routine to fit our needs during winter? Check out these twelve ideas that can help you revamp your health efforts this season.


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4 Ways Winter Can Impact Weight

I think most of us can agree that it’s been an especially rough winter with below normal temps in much of the country and some major wallops for snowstorms. Although it’s only early February, the pitch of our collective cabin fever might suggest it’s several weeks later than it is. Just as our moods might need a little extra care and inspiration this time of year, it’s also a logical time to put more thought and creative effort into our health. Research demonstrates that winter is peak season for weight gain as well as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and less favorable lipid profiles. Check out these four reasons why winter takes a toll and what you can do to beat back the less welcome aspects of the season.


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