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Saturday Web Roundup - 12/17/11

Interesting articles, studies and other stuff from around the web for the week of December 11. Enjoy!

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Q&A: How do I survive the holidays? (6 tips for happy, healthy holidays)

Hi Tom The holidays are almost here, and while I get excited about this time of year every year, I also get a bit nervous because each year it seems like I gain weight, I eat food I know I shouldn't, and I generally feel worn out. I know January will be here soon and I seem to bounce back all right, but I was hoping you could offer some advice for me to make it through the holidays without having my health sidetracked. -- Anonymous

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Getting ready for flu season? Keep your vitamin D levels in check!

With flu season coming, many people are getting the flu shot. Some experts believe there is a simpler solution to reducing the risk of getting the flu: Vitamin D. The most-talked-about micronutrient in recent history, studies continue to show numerous benefits of maintaining optimal vitamin D levels. As the days get shorter and cooler, and we spend more time indoors, our sun exposure decreases dramatically. Over the past few years, speculation has been that deficiencies in vitamin D can make the body more vulnerable to flu infections.

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Don't Be Deficient in Vitamin D

If vitamin D is not part of your regular nutrition program, you may be missing out in a big way. New studies seem to come out on almost a weekly basis showing the variety of ways it can positively impact our health. Unfortunately, most of us are not getting enough.

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