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Chunky Summer Salad

With summer into full swing, the rise in warmer temperatures often bring cravings for cooler foods.  And this chunky summer salad will not disappoint!  Loaded with ample veggies and fats, it’s super flavorful and will keep you full.  And – for all you lettuce haters out there, it sans that traditional salad ingredient and focuses solely on all the goodies usually found on top.  Enjoy!

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Healthy Eating: 10 Ideas for Summer’s Harvest

It’s that time of year when there is so much to take advantage of - warmer weather, more sunlight, vacation days and great food. 

With the end of summer upon us - and Labor Day gatherings gearing up, what better time is there to stock up on the summer produce you know you like? It’s also the perfect time to try new foods in some of your meals, snacks and party dishes. 

Check out these 10 tasty ideas to implement with so many veggies and fruits at their peak this summer harvest season.


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20 Ways to Boost Your Well-Being This Summer

Have you started a summer bucket list of healthy options yet?

Imagine for a moment that this could be your healthiest, most vital summer season ever!

 Now can be the perfect time of year to make a list of new ideas you’ve been wanting to try (or old habits you’d like to retry) as you optimize your healthy way of life.  

See below for my top twenty ways to boost your well-being - all with a summer spin. Try one or try them all! 


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Top 10 Summer Eating Pitfalls

For the unmatched supply of fresh produce and good meat sales, summer also offers plenty of dietary pitfalls to avoid.

With 4th of July celebrations just around the corner, we figured it was a timely conversation.

Some of the top 10 food traps are unfortunately typical go-to summer fare: the barbecue basics, the buffet staples, the traditional standbys. The idea here isn’t to rain on anyone’s summer parade. Trust me - the best of the season's eats are still there to be enjoyed!

A few adjustments here and some savvy substitutions there can go a long way in making a great summer meal a healthy one, too. How many of these top 10 do you recognize in your summer diet? 

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Recipe Round-up: Summer Picnics

The summer season invites us to live outdoors, and meals are no exception. Sometimes that means eating al fresco on the patio. Other times it's eating on the go while we're out "adventuring." Cue the classic summer picnic! There's so much more to pack, however, than the typical sandwich, chip and cookie rundown. (Can anyone say carb overload?) Fortunately, we don't have to abandon our healthy goals for the sake of tradition - or convenience. Check out these ideas for healthy picnic options to fill your basket this weekend.



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5 Summertime Stumbling Blocks 

It’s finally here! The sun is out, the kids are off school, vacations are booked, and calendars are filled with summer celebrations. With the longer days and change of routine, where does your health and fitness fall on the list of priorities? Summer can pose a challenge for all of us, but maybe even more so for those who emerged from a rough winter! Nonetheless, with a little forethought we can make the most of our summer season while not relinquishing our health and fitness progress! Read on for five seasonal pitfalls to sidestep this summer.


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7 Summer-Worthy Resolutions

The warm, sunny days, ample produce, and longer daylight hours make it that much easier to live a healthy, vibrant lifestyle in summer. Who doesn't feel a resurgence of zest and energy this time of year? Harness this feeling by creating some clear intentions for the season. (New Year's isn't the only time for resolutions!) The summer months are a great time to be outdoors, go on vacations, and get together with family and friends, but don’t forget about doing something good for yourself as well! Consider these seven possibilities (among many) that can help you prioritize play and wellbeing this season. 


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