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Unlocking the benefits of heat therapy 

When it comes to exercise and achieving fitness goals, it can be so easy for members to fixate solely on the effort put into a workout that they can forget to make time for other beneficial components of a fitness routine such as recovery. More specifically, heat therapy. With benefits that help stimulate hormone production, rid the body of toxins, improves cardiovascular health, and speeds recovery and injury rehabilitation, heat therapy is one recovery method that your workout routine can’t afford to miss out on. 

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Healthy Indulgence: Sauna for Detoxification

Did you know your largest organ is your skin?

In fact, it’s your heaviest organ as well, weighing in at about 16% of your total body weight! If you were to spread it out, your skin would cover approximately 22 square feet. That’s a lot of surface area!

When it comes to detoxification, these facts matter.

Our skin acts as a second kidney, removing toxins from our bodies through sweat. Let’s look more closely at detoxification and other health benefits of the sauna. Finally, gather tips for how you can get started in a healthy sauna routine!


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Try-It Tuesday: The Sauna

Conventional saunas (or Finnish baths) provide up to 185° of dry heat to enhance blood circulation near the skin to stimulate sweating and provide several health benefits. A study in the American Journal of Medicine, confirmed the benefits of sauna bathing for...

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