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10 Healthy Food Hacks

When you get that intense I-need-to-have-something-now feeling, what do you generally crave? Something salty or sweet? Fried or carb rich? Or maybe it’s an adult beverage (or two) at the end of the day?

Whatever your fix is (because we all have one), there are probably days when you don’t give in at all. But when the hankerings won’t subside — and yes, there are times we should indulge — sometimes the best option is to have healthier alternatives to satisfy them when they arise.

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4 Taco Tuesday Recipes to Fit Any Eating Style

Who doesn’t like Taco Tuesday? For the majority of us tacos are a-m-a-z-i-n-g — except when you have food sensitivities to gluten, dairy, corn, or are trying to stick to a paleo or vegan diet. So If that’s what’s been holding you back from celebrating the weekly taco holiday — or if you have a loved one with a special diet or sensitivities — make sure to check out these super delicious, and of course, dietitian-approved recipes.

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Which diet is best for you?

We’re delving into the topic of lifestyle diets because we had quite a few requests from our last survey. As nutrition professionals, we get the confusion; there are so many diet trends out there, right?

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4 Protein-Rich Dietitian-Approved Breakfasts

There’s always a new opinion on whether or not to eat breakfast, right? Then there’s the question of what you should eat. And hey, who has time to make breakfast anyway? No wonder some of us just skip it altogether.

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Have the fries with that gluten-free, paleo, D.TOX-approved hot dog

If you missed National Hot Dog Day on July 19th, you can also celebrate it today. Phew! But if you're gluten-free, paleo or on a detox, your food choices can sometimes feel limited when a meal includes a bun.

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How to Assess those “Best & Worst Diets” Ratings 

Every year media sources offer their assessments of popular diet philosophies, but what should we ultimately take from these rankings? 

If you’re like most Americans after the holidays, diets are on your mind - and media conglomerates know that. It's prime time to grab readers' attention with claims of which “diets” can make this year's health picture different (or better?) than the last. 

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Book Review - The Primal Blueprint

Written by Tom Nikkola - Director of Nutrition & Weight Management

People often ask, “Which diet is the best to follow?” My typical response is that no diet is good. I hate the idea that the advice I’d give someone would be seen as a diet — a short-term solution to shed a little weight. The more you understand how much you control your future health by the nutrition and lifestyle choices you make, the more you realize how silly it is to look at food choices as a “diet.”

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