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10 Ways Superfoods Can Supercharge Your Healthy Eating

Once you get past the processed “junk” products, all food isn’t the same!

So many factors determine the balance and quality of a healthy diet. So-called “superfoods,” for example, are natural nutrient powerhouses, loaded with vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and antioxidants that can provide a plethora of health benefits. Consider them an easy (and delicious) way to upgrade your diet and boost your nutrient intake every day!

Read on for more about the nutritional benefits and practical how-tos for incorporating these super options into your healthy eating routine.


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Quiz Time: How Good is Your Nutrition? 

March is National Nutrition Month, which means it’s the perfect time to take inventory of your dietary habits. What healthy practices have you adopted? Which are still a work in progress? Have you made these good choices daily priorities? How about for each meal? The key to positive change is to choose one healthy behavior at a time until it becomes routine. Whether you’ve been on this journey for quite some time or are just getting started, read over the list below and rate which of these healthy practices you’re doing and how often: never, at most meals 1-2 days a week, at most meals 3-4 days a week, or at most meals every day?

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10 Foods I Used to Think Were Healthy

Sometimes it seems cliche to call improving your health, nutrition or fitness a journey rather than a destination. I’ve always found it to be true, however. Recently, I was reminiscing about the past 15-20 years, during which time I've developed a sincere interest in fitness and the personal motivation to live what I've learned along the way. If you recall from a previous post, I was a fat kid for most of my younger years, with my most memorable nickname being Chubby and Porky. I didn't enjoy that, but it was something that fueled my passion for health and fitness. As I think back over the years, I have to laugh at some of the things I once thought were good for me. You may have a similar story if your journey's been six months, six years or a life time. I hope you enjoy the list I came up with. Please share your own in the comments section below. 

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The Healthy Way of Eating

So long food pyramid. Life Time’s version of the famous triangle has given way to a bold new infographic. Beyond the vivid design itself (which makes for a great t-shirt, by the way), the image offers a visual story for the Healthy Way of Eating philosophy.

You could say the mixed colors and fonts of the graphic suggest the inherent variety of a healthful diet. The varied script, however, also illustrate the concepts of balance and proportion in our diets--the priorities we should bring to our eating each day. While the image serves as a great conversation starter, there's more to the infographic story. For those interested in a little more detail, we're happy to offer that below. You can dig even deeper by downloading the new version of our core nutrition manual Eat Well. Live Well. and by reading more of the articles on Life Time’s website.

Little by little, our goal is to generate more awareness of what a healthy diet looks like. We think the infographic is one more dimension of that message. The image--as well as the results-quickly speak for themselves.

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Eggs, Cigarettes, and More Nutrition Confusion

Written By Tom Nikkola - Director of Nutrition and Weight Management


If you haven’t heard the latest news about nutrition, rumor has it that eating an egg yolk is as bad a smoking a cigarette. At least that’s what the news headlines have been telling people. This is an example of the constant challenge we face in trying to deliver accurate information to people about their health and nutrition habits. In the span of a day or two, the media can create mass confusion about something as nutrient-rich and healthy as a simple egg. The headlines help get traffic to the various websites, but for the unfortunate readers, most of these media sources do little to nothing when it comes to investigating the actual study. They look for the opportunity to pounce on another saturated fat or cholesterol story, and in the pursuit of article readership, they skip over a key component to good journalism — doing research before publishing a story.

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Ready to Start Your New Year's Resolution? Don't Fall Victim to These Bad Habits

As the new year begins, millions of people are ready to start new diets and exercise programs—with expectations and approaches that may not be reasonable. As a result, many don’t achieve the kind of health and fitness they hope for. New goals need appropriate planning and an eye on the pitfalls that throw programs off track. The following is a list of “don’ts” and “do’s” to help keep your resolutions real and attainable.

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Pondering Paleo: Fad, or For Real?

I always get a good laugh out of the Geico commercials and their slogan So easy a caveman can do it. When it comes to nutrition, making it as simple as a caveman isn’t that much of a stretch. In fact, the “Caveman Diet,” also known as the Paleolithic diet, has continued to grow in popularity. Considered more of a lifestyle than an actual “diet,” there are some real potential health benefits with this Paleo way of living. In fact, you may be getting steered toward a Paleo diet without even knowing it. We’ll take a look at what it is, why it’s becoming so popular, and whether it’s something worth looking into.

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