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6 Weeks, 6 Habits: Are YOU Ready to Transform Your Body?

What would you anticipate are the six most potent changes you can make for real transformation? 

Do your thoughts tend toward the extreme? Slashing calories? Exercising hours a day? Depriving yourself of great food or regular fun? 

What if I told you none of those even begin to make this list? What if I said true transformation doesn’t come from extreme measures but from disciplined but do-able commitment to key behaviors? 

And let me add the little appreciated truth that change begets change. Your efforts and motivation over time become compounded. It’s a phenomenon you can’t anticipate at the beginning of a journey, but I see it every day in my clients. What you do today will make you a person who next week can envision and take on that much more. 

True, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and genuine transformation rarely completes itself in six weeks, but in that short amount of time all the essential components could be in place, which means you’ll be fully engaged (and well on your way) to big change. 

Read on for those six habits that can make the most difference in your initial six-week window....


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How to Kill Your New Year’s Resolution in 5 Steps

Quick–what was your New Year’s resolution for last year? How about the year before? Can you remember? I don’t think I can either. How sad is that?

Resolutions traditionally center on self-improvement, which is admirable, but what happens between the grand intention and the (too often) failure—even forgetting? What can we learn from the cautionary tales of previous years?

Despite past foiled resolutions, the New Year’s spirit brings plenty of hopeful opportunity to make the upcoming months some of the best you’ve ever experienced. Just be sure to avoid the common pitfalls that stop your intentions in their tracks. 

Consider this a primer for what NOT to do—a 5-point map, if you will, for killing that bright, shiny, promising resolution and its potential for shaping your year. Unfortunately, too many people’s resolutions will die such a death in the coming weeks. (Above all, resolve to not be one of them!) Let's take a look now....


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Routine Re-Do: 5 Daily Shake-Ups for Big Change

How many of you are banking on big change for the New Year?

While the emphasis might be on "resolve" right now, real change happens through the daily details. What shake-ups are you ready to welcome into your routine?

Newsflash—you will not see the results you want to see by being willy-nilly in your actions! Step one: COMMIT with a can-do attitude. Then start seeing how you can start living that change today—and each day.

Check out these 5 must-have strategies for getting real with your resolutions!



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6 Tips for Creating a Successful New Year’s Resolution

It’s officially that time of year: “out with the old and in with the new”! We’ll soon be ringing in the New Year with excitement and motivation for new beginnings. In keeping with tradition, many of us will spend time creating resolutions for the coming months. How we approach them now (as well as how much work we put in later!) will ultimately determine whether we’ll see these resolutions through. A little strategic thinking on the front end, however, can put our resolutions in a whole new context - and can prime us for ongoing motivation throughout the year. What are these ideas that can boost our chance for success? Below are my six tips for creating the most promising New Year’s resolutions. 

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