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What Can Yoga Add to Your Weight Loss Journey?

It’s easy to get stuck in a traditional sense of what constitutes “exercise" - especially when weight loss is our goal.

We want to make our time and effort count. We don’t want to settle for “less than” in our fitness endeavors.

Our commitment to weight loss, however, doesn’t have to be the unrelenting grind we sometimes envision it to be.

Getting healthy is about living more vibrantly in our bodies. This includes building strength and cardiovascular endurance through appropriately intensive exercise, but it also means working with a foundation of ample movement each and every day as well as cultivating stress management and self-awareness.

Would it surprise you to hear that yoga can offer all of the aforementioned benefits? Read on to learn how the extensive varieties and benefits of yoga practice can support your weight loss and transformation journey!


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5 Strength Training Classes You Should Try

Whether you’re in a fitness rut or you're looking to expand your strength training routine, consider a strength focused class for additional motivation, instruction and variety. 

 As a trainer, I’ve taught a wide variety of group fitness classes over ten years and can tell you that the social impact and group support can really help exercise adherence.

There have always been a wide variety of popular cardio classes, but I’ve seen the strength-focused classes very effective for many members, particularly those who benefit from a group format as they begin or build the strength training side of their fitness programs.

Although you can’t go wrong with any of the options Life Time offers, I'll highlight five classes to improve fitness and, in particular, strength training.


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7 Fitness Classes for Stress Relief

Do you use fitness for stress relief?

Keeping a consistent fitness routine should be part of everyone’s stress management plan! I can say from personal experience that when life interferes with my exercise schedule, I immediately feel more stressed, out of control and cluttered.

On those days when stress takes its toll, many of us might feel like skipping the gym. Yet, there are many fitness classes that can actually help relieve that same stress now.

Below are some of my favorites offered at Life Time. I encourage my clients to attend them on a regular basis to maintain an everyday stress management program. Even if you’ve never visited any of these classes, however, I would recommend them as go-to options any day when stress is weighing you down!


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