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5 Ways to Fit in Fitness When You Have No Time

People fall in and out of fitness all of the time.

I fell in love with fitness at a pretty young age. I have vivid memories of joining my mom as she’d do her at-home exercise videos or rollerblading alongside of her while she ran outdoors in a park close to home.

That frequency of exercise carried with me throughout high school and college as I prioritized time, almost every day, to lift weights or do some cardio.

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7 Tips for Fitness Motivation

Maybe you're just getting started on your fitness expedition - or looking for some insight on how to kickstart a new level or renewed commitment?

In any health and fitness journey, there are a few key factors that contribute significantly to our success in the long run, but we may not know which practices they are right away.

Some of us start off impressively strong, (probably too strong) and fizzle out quickly due to lack of proper planning. Others start rather willy-nilly and never get enough of a spark to achieve the results they want to see.

Whatever boat you're in, see which of these points speak to you, and use their messages to spur your success!


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6 Misconceptions about Fitness and Weight Loss

With all the focus on dietary intervention, fitness can get short shrift in weight loss discussions.

Misunderstandings abound, and too often people tend to apply an "all or nothing" exercise approach.

When we accept that fitness is a requirement for lasting fat loss (not to mention basic health), how do we decide on a plan that will genuinely work for our weight loss efforts?

What are the mistakes to avoid, the beliefs to adjust - not to mention the strategies to employ? Check out these 6 most common misunderstandings about the role of exercise in fat loss and the corresponding truths that will put your weight loss journey on the road to sure success. 


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