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Just What Is Gluten?

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What Role Should Grains Play in Your Diet?

They’ve been a common staple for many of us - perhaps throughout our lives. Cereal, toast or oatmeal for breakfast. Sandwiches for lunch. Rolls or rice with dinner. Popcorn, crackers or pretzels as a late evening snack. The list could easily go on…. 

So, what’s with the sudden controversy around these particular carbs? 

From nutrition guidelines that suggest several servings of “whole grains" each day to popular diets that forgo grains altogether, the question of how much to eat - or whether to eat them - maybe doesn’t feel as clear as it used to.

Let’s take apart the question by looking at what constitutes "whole grain," what’s behind the current recommendations for grain intake, and how we can make the right decision about the role of grains in our Healthy Way of Eating plan. 

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Myth busting: Carbohydrates

Here’s the first in our series on macronutrient myths and factoids, where we’ll explore both the popular and more obscure misconceptions about carbohydrates, protein and fat.

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What does "Eat more whole grains" really mean?

Each weekend when my wife and I do our grocery shopping, we have a habit of walking through the aisles and paying attention to the claims made on many of the packaged foods. Many of the foods seem to have a claim regarding whole grains, such as “High in whole grains,” “Contains ‘x’ grams whole grains” or something similar. Unfortunately, many people will assume that anything called out on a label must be healthy. Many of these claims can be found on highly processed, high-carbohydrate foods such as breakfast cereals. Besides the packages on food in the store, “eat more whole grains” is a common recommendation from...

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