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Should Age Affect How You Eat?

Should age affect how you eat? 

It’s a fair, if not fundamental, question.

As you add up the decades (and life experiences), you may notice that your body needs a little extra TLC with daily stress, a little more recovery following challenging workouts, a little more discipline in the nutrition department.

The fact is, while our age shouldn’t be an excuse for a slowing metabolism, digestive issues, stiff joints or weight gain (just to name a few factors), it may make us more susceptible to those things. Our condition as we age, however, is an intersection of our body’s natural physiological trajectory and the positive/negative inputs we give it. 


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Why Amino Acids Matter for Health, Performance and Weight Loss

You may have heard of them but know little about their actual benefits.

In fact, Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) just may be the best supplement you haven’t explored yet.

Whether you’re trying to maximize your health, avoid or manage disease, support your efforts for higher performance, or improve your weight loss progress, EAAs may serve as a quick, consistent strategy to boost your anabolic (lean tissue-building) abilities.

Read on to learn more about the advantages EEAs can offer you - no matter what your primary health aim.


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How Well Is Your Body Absorbing Nutrients?

Stumped and beyond frustrated at why you’re not losing those last few pounds?

Have you changed your eating habits but still experience unwanted digestive symptoms? Maybe you're simply taking a genuine interest in your health for 2015 and want to make sure you're getting the most out of your dietary efforts.

Whatever your current reason or starting place, it's important to know the factors that affect our bodies' ability to absorb the nutrients we need. Shockingly, many of the factors that impede absorption include things we do or consume on a daily basis. The result? We're not running on all cylinders, and our metabolisms are attempting to operate in a chronically impaired state.

Check out these seven factors that could be impacting your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, and read what you can do to get your food's full nutritional benefit!


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5 Ways Social Wellness Influences Health

The holiday season is prime time for gatherings, but our will to socialize is more than mere tradition. Positive social relationships and activities, studies have shown time and again, offer a potent health benefit. Experts categorize this area of health as social wellness, a lifestyle dimension that incorporates our full spectrum of relationships and social activities: what connections do we have, what do we do to cultivate them, and what level of support do we receive from them? Whether it’s a family holiday dinner, a party with neighbors or quality time with a best friend, we’re filling our physiological and emotional wells. Good health, research has found, is about much more than the cornerstones of nutritious diet and regular exercise (as essential as those are). It’s about the entire picture of our wellbeing and the overall enrichment of our lives. In our health journeys, it’s worth asking how much we invest in our social wellness. How do we prioritize positive social experiences in our daily lives, and what opportunities do we forgo? As humans, we’re naturally wired for social connection. When we heed the innate psychological instinct, our bodies benefit, too - in often surprising ways....

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8 Ways Exercise Fights Aging 

We all exercise for different reasons: better health, more energy, better appearance. Did you know one of the best reasons to engage in regular exercise is the ability to dial back the physiological clock? Stiffness in the morning, decreased strength and stamina, chronic aches and pains, and all of the other perceived “symptoms” of aging can be minimized or avoided with the help of good fitness throughout our lifetimes. Ironically enough, as we get older many of us become more inactive during a time where we need it the most. If you find yourself looking for creative ways to fend off the effects of aging, be sure to include exercise in your daily routine, and check out the following eight ways exercise can fight aging!


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10 Ways You’re Aging Yourself Prematurely

Wrinkle creams, skin perfecting lotions, enzyme face masks, eye de-puffers, plastic surgery: the list goes on and on!  Without a doubt, our culture is bent on “forever young.” Every year, Americans pump tens of billions of dollars into the anti-aging industry. The truth is, of course, these costly products and manic efforts miss the broader picture of youthfulness as genuine health and vitality. We’d do much better to focus on the habits that intrinsically accelerate our physiological aging (inside and out). No cream, solution, or surgical procedure will ever match the powerful and far-reaching benefits a healthy lifestyle will. Check out 8 ways you may be aging yourself prematurely along with anti-aging strategies for turning around those detrimental habits. Finally, be sure to share your anti-aging secrets below!

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Should You Strength Train to Lose Weight?

Think about the recent commercials you've seen advertising health and fitness? What activity do you see? Running, walking, or other aerobic exercise? Weight training just never seems to get the same spotlight. In fact, it’s often depicted as a specialty offshoot rather than a core component of general fitness. Weight training, however, plays a very important role in health and weight loss. If you have a habit of spending most of your time on a treadmill or an elliptical for your workouts, this article is for you! You may be missing out on some of the most significant exercise benefits.

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