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The Protein You’re Not Eating (But Should)

Consuming enough protein is incredibly important for our health and fitness, and it’s a topic we’ve often written about on this blog. In fact, maybe you’re the person who orders meals with “double protein” so you’re not hungry again in an hour. But for those of my clients who don’t consume enough protein, a funny thing happens when I ask them to eat more. Almost immediately, more chicken breasts, lean ground turkey, egg whites, beef jerky and low-fat deli meats populate their food logs.


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5 Dietitians Weigh-In on Collagen

The Collagen Mocktail

I was curious if everything I'd been hearing about collagen was just hype — or if there really is something special about this popular protein. Here's what our top five dietitians had to say. (Plus, a few of their favorite ways to use it.) 

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Which Protein Powder is Best For You?

Interested in boosting your metabolism? Most of us would say, "yes," because of the benefits: promotes a lean physique, improves recovery between workouts, helps to manage your appetite and cravings, and supports bone health as you age.

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6 Critical Nutrients You’re Likely Lacking

Rickets, scurvy, goiter… When we hear the phrase “nutritional deficiencies,” our minds often wander to these dramatic, distant seeming maladies.

While it’s doubtful you’re currently struggling to treat any of these clinical and aggressively symptomatic deficits, did you know that most of us have sub-optimal levels of many key nutrients?

Even if you’re overweight, it is possible – and even common – to be under-nourished. As a result, many or most of us struggle with varying baseline levels of fatigue, moodiness, fat loss difficulties, and cravings that become our relative state of normality. (Do we remember anything else?)


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Could Vitamin D Help You Avoid the Flu?

A sure sign of fall is the plethora of flu shot advertisements popping up everywhere. Though the flu shot may reduce the likelihood of contracting flu in some people or potentially reduce the symptom severity, there are other ways to reduce the chance of getting sick.

The flu shot, of course, does not guarantee one will not get the flu, nor do the best hygiene or nutritional habits. 

However, a low-risk nutritional choice you can make to support your immune system is to optimize your levels of vitamin D.


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Do I Really Need a Multivitamin?

Enough is Enough: Stop Wasting Money on Vitamin & Mineral Supplements”, one notable editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine proclaimed.

News outlets picked up the story as if we’d put another person on the moon. The proclamation resulted from three published studies in the latest issue that failed to show overwhelmingly positive support for widespread multivitamin use in adults.

There are a few thoughts I had as I witnessed the media headlines roll out over this issue. First and foremost, I thought about how badly consumers are ping-ponged around by media blasts like this: X is good, X is bad, X might be worth it if….

Unfortunately, only if you’re “in the know” and understand how to examine the actual study methods, data, interpretations, limitations and conclusions, let alone sift through the misleading/confusing headlines will you have a clue what to believe (or do) for your health without at least a moderate amount of frustration. Let’s take apart these factors as they relate to the latest claims.


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Product Primer: Our Top Supplements for Weight Loss

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me what I thought of the latest Dr. Wizard “magic pill” endorsement, I’d be able to fly to your house to discuss this topic with you in person.

The fact is, there’s no magic supplement product, but there are definitely reasons to supplement.

Weight loss programs are simple in theory but difficult in terms of execution. The journey to long-lasting results is not a linear path but for many people is wrought with obstacles, challenges and setbacks. Many of those hurdles are specifically related to our food choices, nutrient adequacy and physiological re-programming.

That’s where strategic supplementation fits in. 


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