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The Metabolic Code® Questionnaire—created by metabolism expert Jim Lavalle to reveal the internal and external factors affecting your metabolism.

What's Next? Once you have your results, meet with one of our weight loss coaches. They can recommend additional lab testing, metabolic assessments, nutrition or fitness services to help you achieve your goals more efficiently based on your unique Metabolic Code®
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About Jim Lavalle
R.Ph., MS., CCN

James B. LaValle, R.Ph., C.C.N., is a nationally recognized pharmacist, author, educator, industry consultant, and clinical practioner in the field of natural therapeutics. He is cofounder of the LaValle Metabolic Institute, an innovative, ingtegrative, healthcare facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. LaValle is coauthor of "Smart Medicine for Healthier Living", "Drug-induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook", and the Nutritional Cot of Prescription Drugs". He is the author of “Cracking The Metabolic Code®", "The Cholestin Breakthrough", Black Cohosh", "Natural Therapeutics Pocket Guide", and the "Cox-2 Connection". LaValle also serves as an adjunct associate professor at the University of Cincinnati Collge of Pharmacy, and has written and developed hundreds of articles and seminars on natural medicine for healthcare professionals and consumers.