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AnnaMarie F. - Indianapolis, IN

In September of 2014, I felt a pop in my back when I tripped on a step and DIDN’T fall.

That was a Wednesday night. Saturday morning, I couldn't get out of bed. I was diagnosed with a degenerated disc & a 10mm tear. I wasn't a candidate for surgery. My options were physical therapy and pain meds.

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Sondra J. - Allen, TX

Meet Sondra.  She's a mom and a teacher who lost over 90 pounds in less than a year. 

She claims that the day she met Bruce Cooper, a nutrition coach and personal trainer at our Allen, Tx club, her life completely changed.  Through introduction of some powerful assessments and resources, she's been able to make some exciting and long lasting changes and habits. But we'll let her tell you in her own words.  Check out Sondra's testimonial for her success below!

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Nicole B. – Rochester Hills, MI

In July 2014, my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary. Life was wonderful and I felt good. Just days after our celebration, as we prepared to tear out and renovate our kitchen, our two-year-old Golden Retriever had a heart attack and collapsed. My husband rushed us to the emergency vet while I performed CPR, but our puppy was gone before we could get there. Our little family was jolted. With no other choice, we pushed on with the kitchen project. Early on, my husband took a nail through his foot, which got infected and had him hospitalized. With him immobile and me DIY inept, it took us four months to complete our project. We ate carryout 360 times. I stress ate everything in sight just to get through the chaos. To say that the last year and a half was tough on our family would be an understatement. To say that I neglected my body would be the truth.

When I heard about the Life Time 90-Day Challenge, I was in the worst shape of my entire life. It was the perfect opportunity for me to get my act in gear. As day one approached, I found myself questioning the timing. We had just listed our house for sale. It needed to be spotless 24/7. We had taken in a family member’s sick dog, bringing our house total to four dogs. On top of all of this, my husband and I continue to try to grow our local business through its infancy. It all seemed a bit too much. Then it hit me. Life is crazy. Life is always going to be crazy. There are going to be challenges and excuses, and change is the only constant. I decided that while my goal was to win the 90-Day Challenge, I also wanted to develop a healthy lifestyle that I could maintain for the rest of my life.

I set out to absorb as much information as I possibly could. The reason my husband and I chose Life Time over other facilities in the area was because a membership offers an expansive wellness experience. I intended on taking full advantage of that. My busy schedule meant that I needed to head to the gym every morning at 5:00. It seemed impossible to me at first, but it was the only way I could fit it in. I took all kinds of group classes and challenged my body in new ways. I found classes like Insanity, which pushed my body to the limits. I discovered yoga and found it kept me grounded both physically and mentally. My Tuesdays were reserved for Try-It Tuesday. They supplied me with the knowledge to expand my workout and nutritional repertoire.

My very first Try-It Tuesday was Nutrition with Edward and Leigha. Those 60 minutes changed my life. Suddenly, I knew that I wanted to live a holistic lifestyle. I left Life Time with a completely new view of food. If I wanted my body to meet its full potential, then I needed to fuel it properly. That concept is what got me through those first few weeks. When I had cravings, I made a conscious decision to consider what that food was going to do for my body. If it wasn’t going to help get me to my goal, then I didn’t want it. Before I knew it, I was craving healthy foods I’d never liked before. I modeled Life Time’s “food plate” at every meal and broke my macronutrients down accordingly. I switched from olive oil to coconut oil. I eliminated processed foods from my diet. I picked up a new vegetable every time I shopped. I’d previously believed that eating organic and non-GMO was financially out of reach, but once Ed took us through Whole Foods, I had all of the tools to restructure my relationship with food.

To ensure results from my efforts, I met with Matt M. weekly. When he suggested I adjust my supplements, I went straight to the LifeCafe. After my first assessment, Matt discovered that some of my muscles were not firing properly. He gave me a specific regimen that targeted those weak areas and drove my transformation. As my body changed, so did my workouts. Matt’s passion for fitness was inspirational. His knowledge was essential.

It was amazing to me how quickly my body responded to my work. I felt different immediately and saw physical changes gradually. I took photos after each weigh-in, which helped motivate me to push on. I learned to listen to my body and what it needed. I took full advantage of the sauna and pool on days that I needed rest. No matter what the day’s plan, I looked forward to that hour and a half. It was the time each day that was dedicated to me and my self-improvement.

Ninety days later, I am stronger and healthier, both mentally and physically, than ever before. I know that I couldn’t have done this without the support of the Life Time staff, my friends and family, and especially my husband. A lifestyle change like this is made much easier when your partner commits too. My personal transformation has been one from the inside out. I truly thought I’d lost a piece of myself over the past year and a half. As it turns out, I’ve discovered so many pieces that I never even knew existed and have built a woman who will not waver– no matter what life throws my way.


Racheal C. - Lake Houston, TX

I have always enjoyed a healthy competition. It helps me to deal with everyday stress. As a mother, children and their lives always seems to take priority, leaving little to no time for exercise or a healthy lifestyle—or at least that’s the excuse I so often use.

As a single mother with 5 children under my roof, busy doesn’t begin to describe my days. As a nurse, I am up at 4 o’clock in the morning and go non-stop before I lay back down at 11 at night. Always planning, coordinating and thinking how am I going to manage this? I was having constant headaches, gaining weight, never feeling rested, and looked a fright! Has cloning been perfected yet? I had to find some balance!

I know all the mothers out there can relate when I say that I am very unhappy with my body after my children. The stretched skin and changes that come with having them is very depressing and impacts a woman psychologically. Every time I look in the mirror I know that even if I lost the weight the sagging skin would look even worse. So, I put my clothes on and dismiss myself as unimportant, then focus on making everyone else happy. I dig really deep, muster up a smile, and walk out of my room a hypocrite every morning. I preach to my children about how important they are and how important it is to do what makes them happy. I teach them to not care what others think about them. All the while I am trying not to break into tears thinking of the college athlete that was fit and proud of her body and herself, now wasting away and not allowed to share how she really feels to protect her children. The anguish and shame is almost unbearable, but what we will do for our children, right?

When one of the trainers at Life Time told me about the 90-Day Challenge, I felt something that I hadn’t in quite a while—competition! Oh but wait, my children.... I told my boyfriend, and much to my surprise he volunteered to take over as mom. He told me to enter but only if I promised to win because he wasn’t going to put himself through “you know what” playing mom to 5 kids unless I was going to completely commit and win.

I cried as I threw myself into his arms. I weighed in at 158 lb. with 21.7% body fat. Now I just had to figure out how in the world I was going to work myself into the schedule. I started by talking with the kids and asking for their support. All seemed to be set and ready for me to compete. Between sports commitments, lack of sleep, 5 kids to feed, homework, chores for the household and work, I began to crumble. Letting go is no easy task. How could I be so selfish to allow my boyfriend and oldest girls shoulder my responsibilities? And then to make matters worse, 3 kids come down with strep throat! Oh God, please keep me healthy so that I can take care of them as well as myself. Instead of staying with my workout regimen, I gave in feeling guilty and ashamed for not upholding my responsibilities as a mom.

After a long night of talking with my boyfriend, I realized once again that my children were in good hands. I saw that I had fallen into a pit, and I knew deep down only one thing would get me out. Being of a sports background myself, finding the motivation and determination to dig down deep was the easy part! I just had to make up my mind that I could do this! So, I set a goal to follow a clean diet with lots of water, baked chicken and veggies, and not eating after 6 or 7 p.m. I also made sure that I was taking my multivitamins daily along with my omega 3’s.

Almost every day, I would squeeze in 30 minutes to an hour of cardio along with weight training, alternating from upper body to lower body workouts with an occasional rest day in between. My personal relationship began to grow as well. We have so enjoyed working out together and coming up with new couples’ workouts. It’s amazing how after just a week of commitment, I began to feel so much better and already started seeing results! One of my most proud moments through this was hearing the children say how awesome I was for doing all of this! Every chance they had, they were out in our garage-gym working out with me too! I have been able to reach a body fat percentage in single digits, which is absolutely amazing for a 40-year-old woman.



Rich B. – Dublin, OH

From my youth to my mid-twenties, I was always fit. I rode and raced bicycles, played basketball on a regular basis, and I was in the gym at least 4 times a week. All of this changed when I turned 26 and started my own business.

Eating out during business meetings and for convenience became my normal routine. Drinking beer became my top choice for relaxation. As a result, it took about 6 months to undo a life of fitness. One day I woke up and thought, “What happened? I’m fat!” I went from 200 lbs. to 270 lbs. in a blink of an eye. Not a day has passed in the last 15 years that I haven’t made plans to lose weight and start a healthier lifestyle. I’ll start “next week” became my mantra.

The 90-Day Challenge was my catalyst to something truly amazing. I was going to the Dublin Life Time 2 or 3 times a week when I noticed the sign for the 90-Day Challenge. Without giving it much thought, I signed up. The initial consultation with Gabriel Rodriguez was truly eye opening. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about dieting and nutrition. Eat some protein, keep my calories down and I’ll be just fine. I had no idea about good and bad carbs or the importance of eating the right fats. I also did not know the right amount of protein I needed in my diet. It is amazing how far off my perception of good nutrition was!

I downloaded an app for my phone to track my nutrition macros. I then put together a plan using information from Gabriel and by doing some research on my own. The Try-it Tuesday Nutrition Workshop put on by Ashley Ohearn helped me to strategically plan so I could achieve my goals. The workshop also explained the timing of the nutrients we eat, not just the quality and quantity.

The change in my diet had astonishing results. Initially, I was perplexed by how much food I had to eat. I was on a “diet,” but I was never hungry. I even had to force myself to eat at times. However, that first week was tough! Removing the copious amounts of sugar, beer and other bad carbs from my diet caused me to go through a period of “detox.” My body missed those easy sources of energy as it transitioned to burning the complex carbs I was now eating. I felt sick and depleted, but I expected this based on my consultations with Gabriel and Ashley. After that first week, things turned around. My strength was increasing, and my stamina improved. I am feeling better during and after my workouts than ever before. It worked!

I will say that using the app gave me the structure I needed to achieve my nutrition goals. If it wasn’t part of the plan, I didn’t eat it. I can honestly say I didn’t have one “slip” during these 90 days. My wife played a huge part in helping me maintain my nutrition goals. Although she had much less to lose, she too signed up for the Challenge as an act of solidarity. Our household was cleared of temptations that were not a part of our plan. She also did an amazing job of researching new foods and meals that would support our goals. I could not have done this without her!

I worked out 5 to 6 times a week, and for me, mornings were the chosen time. What better way to start your day than hitting the gym hard and achieving goals! One of the factors that helped me stick to my morning workout schedule is the energy at the Dublin Life Time that early in the morning. When I arrive at the gym between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m. the place is electric! No one is yawning and looking sleepy. Everyone is working out with the same intensity as I want to have. Many of the trainers knew I was part of this Challenge and were always providing encouragement and advice. Gabriel and Brian Sickles were 2 of the trainers I could rely on for wisdom and support. I can’t give them and the other members of the “morning crew” at Dublin Life Time enough credit for giving me inspiration and motivation.

Early in the 90-Day Challenge, I had visions of diving into a pile of chicken wings washed down with a pitcher of beer on day 91. Not a chance! I have worked too hard and feel too good to go back to old habits. In these 90 days I ran in the Emerald City quarter marathon and the Columbus half marathon, and in both races met or exceeded my finish time goals. Worth noting, these are the only 2 times I ran outside this year. I trained entirely on a treadmill at the gym. I started ridiing my bike and racing after a 25-year retirement, and in my first race finished 2nd! I feel as though I have traveled in a time machine to my younger, healthier self. I’ve become addicted to people telling me how good I look. You can never hear that too many times!

At age 41, I’m looking forward to my healthy future now more than ever. This is one 90-day experiment that I will continue for a lifetime!

Thank you, Life Time. This was an amazing gift!


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