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Sabra G.

My post-D.TOX plan is to add things in slowly and journal how different things make me feel so I can reference back to it when the detox is a fond but distant memory. I’m also going to keep eating as much non-processed food as I can. That’s what I noticed most, how much eating from the pantry I did as opposed to eating from the fridge. During D.TOX I hardly ever opened the pantry. I’m also going to keep away from added preservatives, added sugar and added fake sugar in as much of my food as possible. 

Finally, and here’s where the thanks comes in: I’ve officially kicked my Coke Zero habit thanks to this D.TOX. I was having three-a-day, every day, without thinking about it ever. I suffered mightily days 2–4 on the D.TOX, but I realized pretty quickly that it was withdrawal, and I’m more than 100 percent sure it was withdrawal from the Aspartame in all the Coke Zero and packaged food I was eating. 

I feel amazing and healthy and wonderful! I’m starting each morning with a shake with almond milk, ice and the chocolate beef protein powder from LTF, with the collagen peptides. Yum! If I do have a coke zero again, it’ll be a rare treat though I have the sneaking suspicion that I’ll probably not like the taste now that it’s out of my system. 

Thank you for making this possible for me!


Pat R.

“I’m 54 years old, and have always been in generally good health, but noticed a downward trend on my late 40s. It was a very difficult time in my life. While I didn't notice it so much at the time, this was the start of when I began gaining weight. My hormones were doing ‘those things’ that happen to women my age. As I got in my early 50's I would tell myself that a few extra pounds didn't matter anyway. I suppose that is true to a point. But it was more than just a few pounds.  

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Pam M.

"I started my first D.TOX when I joined the Life Time 90 Day Challenge in Spring 2016. I went in fully committed, head on, and admittedly suffered some headaches and sluggishness my first week by being off caffeine, a substance I have faithfully consumed every morning for the past 35 years. I did not deviate and stuck to the program. 

I was pleasantly surprised how yummy the shakes tasted and how long I felt full from my smoothie shake every morning. About one and a half weeks into the program, I started to feel quite amazing. No longer did I crave my morning coffee or my nightly wine with some cheese. I mean why would I want to change my eating habits back to my favorites when I am feeling this incredible? 

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Beth C.

"I've never done a detox or cleanse program before and wasn't looking for a ‘weight-loss’ program but had gotten to a point — despite being a cardio-loving runner, cycle instructor and generally a pretty fit person — where I felt that my metabolism had gotten out of whack. I had slowly put on about 5–7 extra pounds that just wouldn't come off, rarely got a sound night sleep and felt run down. 


When an injury put my marathon training on hold, I decided it would be the perfect time to give D.TOX a try and still make forward progress getting 'in shape' for my upcoming marathon. 

Within 3 days of eliminating the non-approved foods, my energy level increased, sleep improved and the fog began to clear. I was still able to keep up with my cycling regimen and didn't have to battle any fatigue or lack of energy.

The smoothies were a welcome treat and I felt they really helped boost my overall energy level and excitement for the program. This program has definitely had a life-changing impact. It's the first time that I've felt the impact that nutrition can have on your health, energy and mood.

I've definitely trimmed down and feel more fit. Two weeks after completing the program, I've maintained my weight loss goals and have chosen to avoid the non-approved foods as I've felt the impact they've had on my body.

My husband jumped on board with the program and I've had many friends ask me about D.TOX as I've shared my success and the results have been obvious.”

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Maria - Chanhassen, MN

Maria's story is written below in attention to her Nutrition Coach, Cliff Edberg.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words:  I couldn’t agree more. 

One decision changed my life in ways I never dreamt possible: I joined Life Time.  I wanted to thank you, Cliff Edberg, for being a part of the Life Time Fitness family that helped me get my life back.

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