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Sabra G.

My post-D.TOX plan is to add things in slowly and journal how different things make me feel so I can reference back to it when the detox is a fond but distant memory. I’m also going to keep eating as much non-processed food as I can. That’s what I noticed most, how much eating from the pantry I did as opposed to eating from the fridge. During D.TOX I hardly ever opened the pantry. I’m also going to keep away from added preservatives, added sugar and added fake sugar in as much of my food as possible. 

Finally, and here’s where the thanks comes in: I’ve officially kicked my Coke Zero habit thanks to this D.TOX. I was having three-a-day, every day, without thinking about it ever. I suffered mightily days 2–4 on the D.TOX, but I realized pretty quickly that it was withdrawal, and I’m more than 100 percent sure it was withdrawal from the Aspartame in all the Coke Zero and packaged food I was eating. 

I feel amazing and healthy and wonderful! I’m starting each morning with a shake with almond milk, ice and the chocolate beef protein powder from LTF, with the collagen peptides. Yum! If I do have a coke zero again, it’ll be a rare treat though I have the sneaking suspicion that I’ll probably not like the taste now that it’s out of my system. 

Thank you for making this possible for me!