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Pam M.

"I started my first D.TOX when I joined the Life Time 90 Day Challenge in Spring 2016. I went in fully committed, head on, and admittedly suffered some headaches and sluggishness my first week by being off caffeine, a substance I have faithfully consumed every morning for the past 35 years. I did not deviate and stuck to the program. 

I was pleasantly surprised how yummy the shakes tasted and how long I felt full from my smoothie shake every morning. About one and a half weeks into the program, I started to feel quite amazing. No longer did I crave my morning coffee or my nightly wine with some cheese. I mean why would I want to change my eating habits back to my favorites when I am feeling this incredible? 

I kept going, and not only for the full 30 days of the program, but I continued throughout the entire 90 day challenge. During that time I never felt deprived and I even indulged in two glasses of red wine on nights out with friends and two pieces of celebratory birthday cake during the three months I was transforming. 

I know my transformation results were 80% because of this program, and I have forever learned amazing eating habits. It is now one year later from my first and I am starting another D.TOX program. I love this program so much, I will commit to doing it at least once a year the rest of my life. Thank you Life Time for educating me about this amazing life changing product because I never would have dreamed I could feel (and look) so good. Especially now that I am over the big 5-0."

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