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Maria - Chanhassen, MN

Maria's story is written below in attention to her Nutrition Coach, Cliff Edberg.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words:  I couldn’t agree more. 

One decision changed my life in ways I never dreamt possible: I joined Life Time.  I wanted to thank you, Cliff Edberg, for being a part of the Life Time Fitness family that helped me get my life back.
I have been overweight my entire life and was morbidly obese for most of adulthood. My obsession with food came early in life. There are stories of me, still shared to this day, sneaking into the pantry with a can opener and step stool to eat food late at night.  My famous line was asking my uncle “Is this our snack before dinner” as he served dinner.  I’ve always been an emotional eater, sugar addict and over indulger and living this way most of my life took its toll.  I don’t want to paint the picture that I was unhappy and depressed most of my life because that is untrue. I was married 9 years, adopted a special needs child, and earned three college degrees, and started graduate school.  I wish I could say that life continued down a happy path but it did not. Amidst being a mom, wife, full time student and full time RN, I woke up one day, looked in the mirror, and realized I didn’t recognize the woman in the mirror.  I had ballooned to over 300 pounds, I wasn’t happy, my husband was a stranger, my newly adopted son was struggling, and my life felt like it was falling apart. Getting up and down the stairs in my home was exhausting and I had to stop half way up the stairs to catch my breath.  I couldn’t fit into my scrub pants and the size 26 pants and 3XL shirts I had, were getting too small. I stood there, in the mirror, with tears rolling down my face.  It was that day that I decided to fight to get my life back and joined Life Time. 
I started out working out by myself and trying to cut back calories. I had no idea what I was doing and met with you to learn how to eat and fuel my body. I remember leaving our session with the food list wondering how anyone could eat like this.  It was a complete 180 from my sugar filled, dairy rich, high fat, processed food, carb-galore diet I was accustomed to. As it turns out, I CAN eat like this and thank you for setting the foundation to healthy eating. 

My weight loss journey has been a roller coaster as I've faced life’s trials including a painful divorce, adjusting to single motherhood, remaining a full time student and full time nurse, knee surgery, and my son being diagnosed with Autism.  I wish I could say the success trajectory has been a perfectly straight line but that would be untruthful. Instead, it has been the best roller coaster of my life experiencing fitness and health peaks I never imagined I could achieve, while dipping low coasting through life’s trials.  I've cried, laughed, danced, laughed, sweat, and endured. 
Some of my closest friends to this day are from Life Time and it really has become a second family. I still have people who met me on day one who still cheer me on today. There are too many people I’ve met along this journey to mention by name but I would like to share what has helped me find success and live the healthy way of life:
*Nutrition:  with you and setting a nutritional foundation I live on.

*Team Weight Loss: I was a part of team for the first part of my journey. The support you receive in this program is amazing.

*Personal Training: as it fit into my budget! There are not enough positive things to say about Cord Revier who has trained with me on and off the past 3 years.  He is more than “just a personal trainer”. In addition to training he motivated me, held me accountable to my goals, was a listening ear, made me laugh, challenged my body past limits I didn’t know I could reach, inspired me each session and pushed me to be the best person I could be (inside and out of the gym).

* The LifeCafe:  I tried the D.TOX Program during the Spring 90-day Challenge of 2016.  I also could recommend the Women’s multivitamin, fish oil, whey protein, and my favorite is Gen U-Can!

*Metabolic Testing: I've done the resting and active metabolic testing at different points throughout my journey to work out more efficiently. I use my Heart Rate Monitor to know my zones while working out. 

*Group Fitness:  My first group fitness class I took was Zumba with Adam Meyers.  All it took was one hour and I was hooked. The support he offers and the Lifetime Zumba family is phenomenal.  My love for cardio and dancing I owe to him.  He is so encouraging, gets to know who is in his class, and motivates me to stay committed to a healthy way of life.  I’ve also enjoyed cardio kickboxing, barbell, yoga, strike and warrior sculpt.

My son is now old enough to join me for Zumba, stair climber time and strength training.  There is no better feeling in the world than setting a healthy and positive example for your child.  I will never forget the joy I felt when he hugged me for the first time and could wrap his arms around me fully. We enjoy being a fit little family!
This past Saturday I weighed in for the 60 day challenge! I am very excited to bring this goal home and finish the new year an even stronger woman!  I would love to keep personal training but it was not an option financially.  I did join the  MMA fight shape and I am looking forward to more accountability, making new friends and challenging my body in a new way.  I feel most lost when it comes to nutrition since I am very accustomed to eating relatively low carb and clean.  I will remain gluten-free and dairy-free and experiment with carbs/macros. I plan to strength train with cardio acceleration 6 days a week in the evenings, MMA two mornings a week and fasted cardio 4 mornings a week. I also need to sneak to Zumba when I can!

I hope sharing my story might help inspire others on their journey. Life Time was my strength during some of life’s most painful and difficult trails the past few years.  Thank you again, Cliff, for being a critical part of my journey! I can't wait to see what this 60 day challenge brings!!