Darius R. - Summerlin, NV
Saturday, August 22, 2015
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Life Time helped me accomplish in 90 days what I could not do by myself for 23 years. Like others I had this inner voice repeating, “It’s time to do something about this extra weight!” For me, it began when I tore my ACL and was unable to maintain my very active lifestyle. The beginning of a very rigorous academic schedule further exacerbated the problem. A few years later, just as I attempted to increase my activity again, I tore the ACL in my other knee. Needless to say, more weight gain resulted.

For the years that followed I tried popular diets, took up cycling and went back to playing soccer. Each time I would lose 15 to 25 pounds, only to lose momentum before I reached my goals. I simply could not find the real motivation it takes to get my life back physically - until now… during Life Time’s 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge!! Thank you, Life Time, for giving me that added spark that it took to get the work done!!!

A few years ago I was talking to my old college roommate who had kept himself in good shape. I asked him, “How am I going to lose this extra weight?” I remember his response vividly. He simply put his finger to my head. I responded, “I just have to find a way to flip the switch?” Looking back, I was so close many times to having the mental drive and determination to get my life back, but the motivation was missing. Now I realize that for me, competition was the key, and Life Time provided that to me by giving me the chance to compete against all of their nationwide Challenge participants.

From the day I put on the Challenge wrist band, I resolved to do a few things. I began by telling everyone around me about my goals to increase my accountability. Secondly, every time I was tempted to cheat, I resolved to look at the band, visualize my goals, mentally review the commitments I had made to myself and to others and take the opposite step. If the thought was to lower the intensity, I would reach down and speed it up. I wasn’t always successful, but I believe that this attitude helped. Most importantly, I resolved to make it to the gym every day if I could. During this Challenge I was able to go to the Life Time gyms while traveling in South Jordan, Utah and Chandler, Arizona in addition to my local club.

I began the Challenge by eating mostly fruits and vegetables with protein shakes and the occasional lean protein. My diet was supported by walking and a gradual conversion to running at least 3 miles a day. A few months after entering the Challenge and having limited success, I finally found “Committed Nancy.” I had followed her progress and noticed that she was the leading female competitor. I tracked her down just in time. I had begun to plateau and was getting frustrated. Nancy encouraged me and introduced me to her trainer, Sally.

Since meeting Sally and Nancy, we have been a Life Time Team. Sally immediately went into “tough trainer” mode even in our first discussion. Looking back, she was testing my resolve and laying down the challenge that I would need to respond to in order to reach my full potential. Using her knowledge of nutrition and training, she immediately changed my routine. I was reluctant, but I saw her success with Nancy. What was originally a high fruit and vegetable diet converted into a strict protein - low carbohydrate diet. She also increased my exercise intensity by pushing my run/jog mileage to approximately 8 to 10 miles a day and introducing me to the nutritional benefits of Generation U-Can, amino acid supplements, and daily vitamins available to me in the Life Time Café.

Through Sally my progress was accelerated with Nutrition and Metabolic Coaching as well as regular participation in TEAM Weight Loss and other group fitness classes. Sally also took the time to run with me late in the competition. I can’t say enough here about what she did to help me reach my best results.

With this competition ending around Mother’s Day, I have to thank my wonderful wife and the mother of my five beautiful children for all of her emotional and nutritional support.

I truly feel like the old Darius is back and a depressing burden has been lifted. Thank you again to Life Time and its incredible members and staff!!!! If you are close to committing but just need that extra motivation, I recommend Life Time’s 90-Day Challenge to help you finally “Flip the Switch.”

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