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Sunday, November 11, 2012
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A letter to Personal Trainer Keeley Johnson:

Hi Keeley,

The results are in.... 35 lbs down... and my blood panel number changes are ASTOUNDING! Time for crowing!! :-)

My A1C in February 2012, when I wasn't doing anything to manage my diabetes, was 9.5. Solidly in the diabetic range.

My A1C in June 2012, after I had been working with you for about 2 months, was 6.7. A huge change. Still considered officially diabetic.

My A1C that I just had, was 5.9. This puts me OUT OF THE OFFICIAL DIABETIC RANGE.

I still am diabetic; once you have the disease, that's it for you. And this range is still considered "pre-diabetes," so not optimal. So I still have to take some medicine and keep up the decline. But LADY. What an improvement! My doctor cut my glucose medicine by HALF. I am taking the minimum that a person can take. And he says that if, in 3 months, my A1C goes below 5.5, I don't have to take medicine for diabetes at all. AT ALL!!

My cholesterol in Feb 2012 was 250. Triglycerides 180+. Wow.
My cholesterol now? 182. Triglycerides 120. HDL 55, LDL 106. These are now OPTIMAL numbers. Like what HEALTHY people have!

My doctor took me off the cholesterol medicine I was taking, and we'll re-evaluate in 3 months. If my cholesterol is still this low in 3 months, I may never have to take cholesterol meds again!!

My blood pressure over the last few years has hovered around 150/85. Ouch. Not awful, but pretty darn bad.

In June? 121/80. Awesome!
Yesterday? 114/72. Whoa!

My doc cut my BP meds in half. IN HALF!!

All those stupid ads about "one weird trick" or "one silly secret" or whatever are such BS. A little hunger all the time, a lot of damn work on the treadmill and with your trainer til you think you're going to die, and then more work until you realize you're not going to die, and a wonderful guide like you--that's all it takes.

Seriously, Keeley, thanks. I know a lot of this is me, :-) because I was really ready to make lasting changes--more ready than I've been in the past. But a whole lot of this is YOU, too, and I'm so thankful you're in my life. I really think that in some ways we've saved it.

Let's keep kicking butt together!!


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