Kim & DeAnna G. - South Austin, TX
Monday, December 20, 2010
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 Kim Ghanem's story:

My wife asked me if we could take the E.A.T. to Live nutrition class with Melanie Stuart at Lifetime and I agreed but did not have any expectations because I tried several other diets and wondered why this class would be any different. I joined the class and I have to say that Melanie has given me the tools and the knowledge that I needed to make a life style change.  This has been the easiest thing I have done and I lost the 27 Lbs of unwanted fat and feel better and stronger.  The best part once again was the fact that this was the easiest thing I have ever done. I do not feel that I had to make major changes but rather simple changes in my lifestyle and eating habits and I hold myself accountable by doing so. I recommend this class to anyone that is looking to lose a few pounds or more and if you follow Melanie’s teachings you will achieve your goal and feel great about doing it.


Kim G.





DeeAnna's story:

My weight loss journey has been challenging at times but also exciting.  Week to week I have watched the changes happening.

The E.A.T. to Live classes have given me the knowledge and incentive to make lifestyle changes.  My weight loss is no longer in "diet" mode but in sustainable healthy food choices.  I now think about my food rather than just eating. I now consider everything that I eat or drink.  It always goes written in a journal instead of just eaten.

This has been a major change in my food behavior. I Love It.   I also had to come to the realization that eating less doesn't mean one will weigh less.   For me and my workout regimen, I need to eat more and love doing it. It has worked.  I now weigh 32 pounds less.  And I look forward to the results that my new eating habits will deliver. It is exciting. I feel good and I look good. Healthy  Life is Good.

Thank you Melanie for your dedication to your work and to me.  Without your knowledge and encouragement my results may not have been as rewarding.  Thank you again for sharing and planting seeds of health.  I am having to time of my life, I'm living!!!!!   And I am now living in "skinny jeans"!

DeeAnna G.


Melanie Stuart, RD is the Weight Loss Coach at South Austin Life Time Fitness and also leads the clubs E.A.T. program.

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