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How It Works

Reduce chance and increase certainty
Results start with understanding your metabolism. Using our proprietary testing and assessments, we’ll help you learn how your body most efficiently loses weight.

Active Metabolic AssessmentSM

Identifies your optimal heart rate zones where your workouts are most effective.

— Measures key cardiovascular training markers to reveal how
    many calories you burn during exercise.

— Establishes your starting point to help us build a plan that
    works with your body for better results.



Six key indicators of your overall health, represented in one easy-to-remember number.

— Measures health risk factors: total cholesterol/HDL ratio, blood
    pressure, triglycerides, glucose, nicotine, and body fat percentage.

— Gives you a clear look at your overall health — from the inside
    out — so you can start your fitness and nutrition journey right.

Life Time Weight Loss, and any information or materials provided in connection with the service, is informational only and does not constitute medical advice, care, diagnosis or treatment.



An easy-to-use resource that provides a detailed look at the issues affecting your health.

— A comprehensive view of your assessment results in one place.

— Instant access to your information when you need it.


Personalized Plan

Your personalized plan for success is created by combining your unique health results and our expertise. Once you’ve completed your Metabolic Profile assessments, our experienced Health Advisors create your personalized nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plan, made easy for you to follow and track online with myPlan.