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4 Creative Ways to Support a Health Journey

While the basics of a healthy way of living remain constant – a nutrient-rich diet, a well balanced fitness routine and ample sleep – how we choose to “fill in” our lifestyles with activities that support our physical and emotional wellbeing can matter more than we realize. When we embrace the idea that we deserve to thrive and offer ourselves all we personally need to create meaningful and successful weight loss and health journeys, we open the door to many creative possibilities. The activities that follow will never be stand-ins for the basics, but they can offer us rich outlets for enhancing our physical health and for processing the emotional aspects of our journeys. The practices can easily be applied across a spectrum of purposes – from at-home activities we do ourselves for personal enjoyment and exploration to guided methods within a therapy setting as we process more complex concerns. See which of these four practices you’ve incorporated on some level, and consider which you’d like to explore as you envision greater wellbeing in your health journey.

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