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The Top 3 Traits of the World's Best Fitness Professionals

Back in 2008 as I was transitioning from my job as a Clinical Dietitian to work in the fitness industry, I really had no idea what I was getting into. After a few years trying to teach hospital patients how to make better food choices, I was ready to take a more active role in changing the lives of people who truly wanted change. So I went through the process to become a certified Personal Trainer to add to my Registered Dietitian credential, and took a job training clients at Life Time Fitness in Plymouth, MN. 

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The Difference Between a Personal Trainer and a Fitness Professional

The field of personal training has changed dramatically over the past decade. I remember when I started with Life Time in October of 2001. At that time, if someone was interested in personal training, we offered one-on-one sessions or Boot Camp. To help clients optimize their program, we also offered a very basic, blue Polar heart rate monitor. How the times have changed! Today, we have a variety of programs, devices, metabolic testing, lab testing, nutritional supplements and more to help personalize and optimize a client's program.

As new programs, products and devices have become available, to provide clients with the best service, personal trainers have had to grow beyond exercise experts. Unfortunately, many “gyms” today still provide personal training services similar to what was available 10 years ago. This outdated approach to fitness is unfortunate because people spend significant amounts of money to have a trainer help them reach their goals. When personal trainers focus only on exercise, it's rarely enough for people to really see a life-changing transformation.

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Q&A: What should I look for in a fitness professional?

You ask, we answer. Are you ready to hire a personal trainer or nutrition coach? Your best bet may be finding one that works in tandem with the other. The role of a fitness professional has changed significantly in recent years, requiring them to wear many hats, use a variety of assessments and be able to both plan and adjust your program as needed. And do they practice what they preach? We’ll provide the questions you should ask to ensure you make the right choice.

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