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8 Weight Loss Milestones (and How to Celebrate Them)

When it comes to weight loss, a slow and steady pace always seems to win the race for long term results and maintenance.

However, that stable pace to the finish line can feel frustrating at times, especially in the beginning of our journeys when motivation and excitement for the ultimate goal is overly "end" focused.

The best way to avoid this frustration is to break up that overarching goal into smaller, “milestone” objectives along the way. Envisioning these in-process milestones (and giving yourself recognition when you meet them!) lets you reward yourself for the small changes and helps keep you on the path.

Below are eight notable milestones I set with my clients. Although each client’s journey is different and often includes additional, unique milestones pertaining to their individual challenges and successes, this list offers some fairly universal but personally meaningful ideas you can write down and commemorate in the journey ahead! 


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8 Amazing Ways Your Body Changes As You Lose Weight 

We all have personal motivating factors that help us launch our weight loss journey. For most of us, these reasons usually include ideas like wanting to look better in our swimsuits, fit into our high school jeans or to wear a tighter notch on our belts. Although losing pounds and inches feels absolutely amazing, most of us don’t expect all of the other amazing things that happen in our bodies as we lose weight! Below are eight common--and unexpected--transformations that also happen while we’re busy minding the measurements. Consider them incentive to focus less on the numbers themselves and more on the healthy shifts you will notice in your body over time. Already past your weight loss transformation? Be sure to share the unexpected body changes you experienced along with way!  

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