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3 reasons you’re at a weight loss plateau

In any fitness and fat loss journey, there are both joys and growing pains along the way. None, however, are more frustrating than following a plan and not seeing results. When there’s a mismatch between the level of effort put in and the lack of desired outcome - whether that be a change in pant size, an improved lift or run time, or a pesky symptom that won’t shake - it can make anyone wonder: Is it worth it?

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7 Ways to Maintain Motivation during a Weight Loss Plateau

Let me first say, I get it. Plateaus can be painful!

Even if we mentally prepare ourselves to expect them on our weight loss journeys, they can still be extremely frustrating when we actually hit one. For many, plateaus prompt self-doubt or even desire to quit the program.

Before we throw in the towel, however, it’s important to understand what a plateau really is as well as the many ways we can overcome one.

Insight into this common part of the weight loss process can help us see past the temporary stumbling block and ahead to the definite progress to come.


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