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10 Tips for Dressing During Weight Loss

How do you dress an ever-shrinking body?

Many of my clients ask themselves this question as they shed pounds and inches along the course of their weight loss journeys.

Of course, they’re eager to purchase new clothes to celebrate the results of their hard work - and to simply have clothing that fits properly!

Yet, they’re fearful as they continue to lose weight they’ll simply end up with a succession of clothes that don’t fit anymore - along with a succession of wasted expenses to accompany them! 


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8 Weight Loss Milestones (and How to Celebrate Them)

When it comes to weight loss, a slow and steady pace always seems to win the race for long term results and maintenance.

However, that stable pace to the finish line can feel frustrating at times, especially in the beginning of our journeys when motivation and excitement for the ultimate goal is overly "end" focused.

The best way to avoid this frustration is to break up that overarching goal into smaller, “milestone” objectives along the way. Envisioning these in-process milestones (and giving yourself recognition when you meet them!) lets you reward yourself for the small changes and helps keep you on the path.

Below are eight notable milestones I set with my clients. Although each client’s journey is different and often includes additional, unique milestones pertaining to their individual challenges and successes, this list offers some fairly universal but personally meaningful ideas you can write down and commemorate in the journey ahead! 


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Challenge Check-in: 6 Strategies for the Midpoint

It’s the official midpoint, folks. Does it seem possible? How would you describe your Challenge experience so far? What’s been your biggest success? How would you rate your overall progress? What do you think you could improve upon? Midpoint is the perfect time to assess and realign with your goals in order to pave the way for greater success in these final weeks. Whether you’re happy with the progress you’ve made or want to kickstart new efforts, use what you’ve learned and commit to making the remaining weeks your best yet! Check out these 6 strategies for energizing the second half of your 90-Day journey!


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