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6 Barriers to Body Fat Loss

There's no denying it. A weight loss journey can feel like a formidable undertaking.

It shuttles us through an often surprising process of emotional, behavioral and physical change.

We take on the tasks of learning more about our bodies' needs for optimal health, of implementing new habits that support our metabolic functioning, of exploring what influences (or even people!) both help and hinder our goals.

As complex as the physical picture of fat loss can be, however, the fulcrum of our success is oftentimes our psychological experience.

Understanding our personal challenges means identifying what trips us up and applying the best strategies to address each concern. Below are 6 of the most common "behavioral" barriers that hamper body fat loss.


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10 Unexpected Truths of a Transformation Journey

Maybe these questions look familiar to you.

  • "What would a Transformation Challenge mean for my life?"
  • "How much change would I see?"
  • "What kind of support would I get?"
  • "What would I achieve that I never thought possible?"
  • "And what would my 'after' photo look like???"

While we all have an interest in getting healthier, sometimes life offers opportunities to dramatically propel us forward in our journeys!

We’re given the chance to experience something greater than we ourselves would necessarily pursue on our own. We’re given a chance to tap into a bigger collective energy and motivational momentum than we could conjure alone. The 90-Day Challenge is one of these opportunities....


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The Life Wisdom That Comes with Weight Loss 

In all my years working with weight loss clients, one of the truths that remains constant is this: our physical journeys have the power to transform us on multiple levels.

And how could they not? We invest our full selves when we remake our health, not to mention our lifestyles.

Our journeys engage our emotional selves as much as our physical bodies. The result is not just pounds lost but lessons gained. 

Read on for inspiring examples of life wisdom learned (and shared) by successful Life Time Weight Loss members. 


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6 Needs We Underestimate in a Weight Loss Journey

What do you need to be successful in long-term weight loss and body transformation?

Clearly, solid education about nutrition and fitness offer critical guidance. Personal support from loved ones and/or professional coaches is invaluable. 

Additionally, there are the logistical needs we so often underestimate - practices and tools that could play pivotal roles in our overall success. 

Read on for six of the needs we commonly misjudge and the resources we can engage to push our progress forward. 

A Need for Routine AND Variety

Establishing both a plan and a routine for healthy eating and activity are best practices when it comes to losing weight. Grocery shopping every Sunday and packing your gym bag every night before bed are two great examples of productive behaviors we need to practice to make them habit.

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The Hardest (and Happiest) Conversations of Weight Loss Coaching

“I know what to do, but I just don’t do it.” I would estimate that 9 out of 10 clients start their weight loss coaching journeys with this self-blaming perspective. The common over-simplification too often responds to the mistaken “eat less, move more” approach to weight management, which we know isn’t correct. Once we get past the initial discussions about "what" to do (e.g. embracing the Healthy Way of Eating), the more salient and tricky question becomes, “Why don’t I do it?” I have had the honor of having hundreds of people allow me to be a part of their transformation journeys. As we start addressing the “why” together, perspectives change, and the conversations take on a different tone. In the midst of talking about societal trends, family patterns, personal habits, lifestyle influences, and hormonal issues, we inevitably encounter emotional highs and lows. Below are some of the most common positive and difficult discussions I encounter with my clients in their journeys.

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Psychology of Successful Weight Loss

When it comes to diet and exercise, the healthy path is clear. We know what comprises the Healthy Way of Eating. We understand the key components of a well-rounded fitness program, and we know the resources that can help us adapt its appropriate progression over time. All this said, our health journeys revolve largely around our mental experience. What external messages and internal self-talk can support us along the way? What psychological strategies can we employ to boost our success?  What habits and practices can spur progress and help us stay on track with our goals? Check out these 5 research findings and the take home messages we can apply to our own weight loss journeys.


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Challenge Check-in: 6 Strategies for the Midpoint

It’s the official midpoint, folks. Does it seem possible? How would you describe your Challenge experience so far? What’s been your biggest success? How would you rate your overall progress? What do you think you could improve upon? Midpoint is the perfect time to assess and realign with your goals in order to pave the way for greater success in these final weeks. Whether you’re happy with the progress you’ve made or want to kickstart new efforts, use what you’ve learned and commit to making the remaining weeks your best yet! Check out these 6 strategies for energizing the second half of your 90-Day journey!


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