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Shining the Light on Night Eating  

How many of us find ourselves gravitating toward the kitchen each evening?

Do we know what we’re seeking out? How often do we forage for something to fill us - or maybe just distract us?

While the majority of our days are often busy and regimented, the openness of our evening hours can be a trap for temptation. Our willpower seemed enough in the light of day, but something else edges out that control after dinner.

While many of us feel this pull and indulge in after dinner eating, when does it become a problem for our weight loss - or even basic health? When does night eating move from bothersome inclination to clinical problem? 


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Fitness Goals and Social Networks

Everyone has heard of the idea that "you become like those you hang around with." Research is beginning to show the significance of this idea as it relates to health and fitness. Even with people's busy lives today, technology is allowing us to stay connected with people like never before.

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