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3 main reasons for weight loss success — from a master trainer 

If you follow the 60day at Life Time and you read the success stories, you can’t help but drop your jaw a little after seeing the physical transformations that can happen in just 60 days. 

And because plenty of people ask us how the participants actually do it, we took a moment to chat with Joshua Pruitt, one of our Master Trainers who coached Chuck C., a recent 60day winner. 

Joshua explained what someone actually needs to do to create these life-changing results and sustain them. Plus, he gave us his personal go-to breakfast recipe that you’ll definitely want to check out. 

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6 Barriers to Body Fat Loss

There's no denying it. A weight loss journey can feel like a formidable undertaking.

It shuttles us through an often surprising process of emotional, behavioral and physical change.

We take on the tasks of learning more about our bodies' needs for optimal health, of implementing new habits that support our metabolic functioning, of exploring what influences (or even people!) both help and hinder our goals.

As complex as the physical picture of fat loss can be, however, the fulcrum of our success is oftentimes our psychological experience.

Understanding our personal challenges means identifying what trips us up and applying the best strategies to address each concern. Below are 6 of the most common "behavioral" barriers that hamper body fat loss.


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Top 7 Tips a Weight Loss Coach Would Tell You

What would happen if you gathered a group of nutrition, fitness and weight loss experts together and asked them for their most essential tips?

Together they've guided thousands of people through their weight loss and transformation journeys. They've witnessed the ups and downs of the process. They've tested "book knowledge" against real results. What do you think they've learned along the way? 

Join seven of our Flourish writers as they share their best strategies for maximizing your success around nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and motivation!

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How Does Disordered Eating Influence Weight Loss Coaching?

Hate is a strong word. As a weight loss coach, I too often hear clients who are striving to lose weight aim it at themselves. Their disgust is usually accompanied by a significant preoccupation with weight and a distorted body image.

The truth is, we’re all exposed in some way to a complex web of risky societal, familial and environmental messages about weight and self-worth. However, for at least one out of ten Americans, these messages play out  in some form of eating disorder.

While different patterns of disordered eating with varying triggers exist, there are a few non-negotiable concepts when working with a weight loss coach if you are at risk for or living with any type of disordered eating.


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The Hardest (and Happiest) Conversations of Weight Loss Coaching

“I know what to do, but I just don’t do it.” I would estimate that 9 out of 10 clients start their weight loss coaching journeys with this self-blaming perspective. The common over-simplification too often responds to the mistaken “eat less, move more” approach to weight management, which we know isn’t correct. Once we get past the initial discussions about "what" to do (e.g. embracing the Healthy Way of Eating), the more salient and tricky question becomes, “Why don’t I do it?” I have had the honor of having hundreds of people allow me to be a part of their transformation journeys. As we start addressing the “why” together, perspectives change, and the conversations take on a different tone. In the midst of talking about societal trends, family patterns, personal habits, lifestyle influences, and hormonal issues, we inevitably encounter emotional highs and lows. Below are some of the most common positive and difficult discussions I encounter with my clients in their journeys.

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Must-Have Motivation: 7 Coaches Share Their Top Insights

As key as nutrition and fitness are to weight loss, the process itself is continually fueled by our mental commitment. Motivation is a critical resource for every step of the journey. How do we initiate our process or jumpstart our beginning efforts? How do we maintain a positive mindset in the face of plateaus or other difficulties? How do we build our motivation and momentum over time? Check out 7 perspectives below care of our Flourish experts and their professional weight loss coaching and training experience! See which mantras speak to your process, and add the concepts that have motivated you along the way of your weight loss or transformation progress!


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Why Work with a Coach?

Let’s say you decide to get healthy. Maybe your goals are to lose weight and to get in shape. You may generally know what needs to happen for you to achieve these goals, meaning you have a sense of what makes for a healthy life and better fitness (or know good sources of information for those). That said, you know the road ahead will be challenging. You won’t always feel like doing what you know you need to do. You might not always know exactly what steps to take first or next. Maybe the process is even starting to feel a little intimidating or overwhelming at times. You find yourself wondering, “Can I really do this alone? Do I want to do it alone?” Enter the idea of a coach. 




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