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10 Ways to Bust out of a Rut


Here’s the thing.  The fitness journey can feel monotonous.  And generally speaking – it really is because you continuously are sending your body the same signals (eating healthy, working out, sleeping, etc) over and over.  As fitness pros – we feel you.  Eventually we can tire of the same exercise circuit or meal lineup.  But, simple tweaks in our weekly routines can have the power to stir up new enthusiasm and even push us to the next level in terms of physical change, metabolic function and mental game. At the end of the day, we want you to avoid any inkling to throw in towel or fall off track.  So it’s important to have a list of go-tos in those instances you feel like you’re in a rut.

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7 Mantras of Highly Successful Weight Loss Clients

Sometimes all you need is a little nugget to stay on your current plan - or even to gather that pivotal bit of motivation to get started.

Inspirational messages can be extremely powerful in your journey, particularly when you allow yourself to home in on a personally relevant few and work them into your daily consciousness. Just as we change the various aspects of our lifestyle through repetition, so we shift our mindset the same way.

Enter the power of the mantra - a phrase that, when regularly repeated, becomes a geuinely held belief.

Below are 7 mantras shared by members behind the Life Time Weight Loss success stories. All are short enough to memorize and potent enough to recast our self-beliefs toward personal success. Which one grabs your attention?

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7 Laws of Fat Loss

What does it take to succeed at fat loss?

So often, people begin a weight loss journey on a whim, simply grativating to the activities and choices that worked for them years ago or that others seem to be using. 

In healthy transformation, however, our objective is to shift our body composition toward lean mass. This requires much more than trying the latest fad, taking a heavily marketed pill, or even eating less and exercising more. We do well in this case to actually understand the principles of fat loss physiology.

Read on to learn the essential laws that govern your body's ability to shed fat.

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Why Getting Stronger Matters for Weight Loss

“Strong is the new skinny.”

It’s a proclamation you may have seen plastered over marketing and social media in recent years, but it’s more than a catch phrase.

Studies show that strength training can play a critical role in achieving maximum health benefits and weight loss success.

Getting stronger means getting leaner as well as fitter. It allows you to be healthier and more resilient. It lets you look and feel slimmer, younger and more vital.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out what the research has to say on why getting stronger matters for your weight loss and health journey.


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Indulgence: Friend or Foe for Weight Loss?

Do you allow room for indulgence in your weight loss program, or do you say no in fear it will sabotage your results?

“Treating” ourselves tends to be a hot topic among my clients. There’s often an underlying anxiety about never being able to eat x, y, or z food ever again once they start a healthier eating regime.

One concept I always teach, however, is that behind every long-term success story, there is always a healthy lifestyle that included an indulgence now and then.

Just how do we navigate the road of “progress, not perfection” in this way? How do we give indulgence room in our eating plans without setting us back in our habit change and fat loss? Read on for strategies to help discern how indulgence can best complement our healthy way of life.


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7 Must-Have Tech Tools for Weight Loss

Support for a weight loss journey can mean much more than the people you have in your corner (as important and appreciated as they are!).

Consider the motivational messages, the helpful information and the practical tools that can spur our progress and make the weight loss process easier and more efficient.

Among them are the tech tools that are quickly becoming standard in the health and fitness realm.

We certainly look to technology for so much else these days - why not weight loss? Smart strategy means embracing all the support we can get along the way - "tech support" included.

Check out 7 tech tools I recommend for my clients' weight loss and transformation journeys. 


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How to Use Exercise to Curb Cravings

Do your food cravings get the best of you? 

Cravings stem from a host of physiological and psychological factors, and they can easily derail the best laid weight loss plans.

While willpower won't get most of us as far as we assume it should, exercise has been shown time and again to be an effective tool for battling food cravings.

 Read on to discover the most common craving scenarios and tips for using exercise to stop them in their tracks.


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