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A 20-minute no-excuse do-it-anywhere workout (to shed those last few pounds)

Summer events, parties, vacations, and activities can make finding time to exercise nearly impossible. It’s not uncommon for many to phase out the daily or weekly trip to the club. But that’s no reason to hang up those tennis shoes for the season. Don’t be that person. You owe it to yourself to commit to daily activity — your mood and energy levels will thank you.

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Is Fear Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts?

Raise your hand if you’ve tried an all-juicing cleanse approach to weight loss. How about excessive ab exercises for days, or hours of cardio at the gym…twice a day? Most likely your last attempt to lose weight, enhance body composition or increase speed for a race wasn’t your first (and won’t be your last). It’s often these past experiences (and failures, at times) that jump-start our drive to try again.

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7 Carbohydrates for Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, chances are you’ve been told that carbs (at least the starchy ones) are a no when it comes to what you can eat to net the result you are looking for.

And if you’ve worked with a Life Time Coach, you may have been recommended to prioritize non-starchy vegetables and some fruit as your main source of carbohydrates at meal time.

This recommendation is a good one, as we live in world that prioritizes highly-processed foods for their convenience and tasty flavor profile – so it’s often really easy to overeat carbohydrates in comparison of our fat and protein needs.

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5 Early Warning Signs Prior to Hitting a Weight Loss Plateau

“Well, that’s a red flag.” Whether it’s a telemarketer promoting an unasked-for free trial of a product, a too-good-to-be-true money making scheme on your social media feed, or, more critically, tightness in your chest preceding a potential heart attack, most of us are wired with a thread or two of preemptive perception to life’s most obvious warning signs.

But what about your fitness and fat loss quest? While your plan may be cruising along, are there signs that you are heading into a phase of scale-stopping, performance-plummeting frustration?

Read on to learn about five ways that your body is warning you of an impending plateau — and how to shift gears to cruise right past it.

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5 Weight Loss Tips That Have Nothing To Do With Food

Are you not yet ready or willing to change your diet in order to lose weight?  Or perhaps, you’ve already made great effort there but are considering that there are other things holding you back from success.  Although nutrition tends to be the hardest thing to change for most individuals on a weight loss journey, there are other key areas that need effort in order to have a successful outcome.  Early in my career as a dietitian, I’d have my clients solely focus on the food they were putting in their mouths.  But I’ve learned over the years that implementing these five tips below, not only stemmed better results for them, but also in turn, improved their eating habits without them even focusing on it.  Check out my top five weight loss tips that have nothing to do with food – you’ll want to start implementing them as soon as possible!   

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6 Barriers to Body Fat Loss

There's no denying it. A weight loss journey can feel like a formidable undertaking.

It shuttles us through an often surprising process of emotional, behavioral and physical change.

We take on the tasks of learning more about our bodies' needs for optimal health, of implementing new habits that support our metabolic functioning, of exploring what influences (or even people!) both help and hinder our goals.

As complex as the physical picture of fat loss can be, however, the fulcrum of our success is oftentimes our psychological experience.

Understanding our personal challenges means identifying what trips us up and applying the best strategies to address each concern. Below are 6 of the most common "behavioral" barriers that hamper body fat loss.


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8 Reasons You’re Regaining Weight

I see it all the time - individuals who experience wonderfully successful weight loss transformations who, in turn, regain some (or even all) of their lost weight back. 

It’s a topic every weight loss coach and his/her client should have, yet most individuals I’ve connected with who’ve lost weight in the past confess they never had a plan for what to do after they reached their goal.  

With this in mind, let me share a cardinal truth: behind every great weight loss plan is an even better weight maintenance plan. 

Why is weight regain so common? Check out these eight reasons I see most often, along with tips for sustaining your success.


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