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Could Vitamin D Help You Avoid the Flu?

A sure sign of fall is the plethora of flu shot advertisements popping up everywhere. Though the flu shot may reduce the likelihood of contracting flu in some people or potentially reduce the symptom severity, there are other ways to reduce the chance of getting sick.

The flu shot, of course, does not guarantee one will not get the flu, nor do the best hygiene or nutritional habits. 

However, a low-risk nutritional choice you can make to support your immune system is to optimize your levels of vitamin D.


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5 “Must-Know” Facts for Bone Health

The mighty skeletal system: it’s the protector of organs, manufacturer of blood cells, reservoir for mineral stores, provider of structure, and even functioning component of the endocrine system.

Yet, it appears our bone health is getting short shrift.

With osteoporosis affecting 1 out of 10 women over the age of 50, and 20% of hip fracture patients dying within a year of injury, it’s safe to say we need to prioritize our skeletal strength.

Additionally, we need to reassess the assumptions we may have about what supports good bone maintenance. Read on for 5 must-know strategies to support lifelong bone health today.


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Product Primer: Our Top Supplements for Weight Loss

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me what I thought of the latest Dr. Wizard “magic pill” endorsement, I’d be able to fly to your house to discuss this topic with you in person.

The fact is, there’s no magic supplement product, but there are definitely reasons to supplement.

Weight loss programs are simple in theory but difficult in terms of execution. The journey to long-lasting results is not a linear path but for many people is wrought with obstacles, challenges and setbacks. Many of those hurdles are specifically related to our food choices, nutrient adequacy and physiological re-programming.

That’s where strategic supplementation fits in. 


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Know Your Top Food Sources for Critical Nutrients!

(This is Part I of a continuing series….)

You probably know that taking a high-quality multivitamin can be an essential part of your weight-loss or health promoting plan.

But did you know there are certain nutrients that appear to play a more critical role than others when it comes to your health and metabolism?

Below are 7 critical nutrients we all, in truth, should be monitoring - but especially if we want to prioritize optimum metabolic function.

All of these nutrients are also among the most common deficiencies in our population, giving us even more reason to assess our intakes. Read on to learn more about these nutrients and about the top food sources that can help ensure we're getting our full allowance each day.


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4 Ways Winter Can Impact Weight

I think most of us can agree that it’s been an especially rough winter with below normal temps in much of the country and some major wallops for snowstorms. Although it’s only early February, the pitch of our collective cabin fever might suggest it’s several weeks later than it is. Just as our moods might need a little extra care and inspiration this time of year, it’s also a logical time to put more thought and creative effort into our health. Research demonstrates that winter is peak season for weight gain as well as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and less favorable lipid profiles. Check out these four reasons why winter takes a toll and what you can do to beat back the less welcome aspects of the season.


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Do You Really Need Sunscreen?

Most of us have made sunscreen a staple through the summer months, lathering on lotions and sprays to spare ourselves the dreaded sunburn that can haunt us for days. We’ve been told by dermatologists and health professionals for decades now to routinely apply these products to prevent skin aging and, more importantly, skin cancer. Recently, however, experts are questioning the healthfulness of avoiding sun or using sunscreen with every exposure. Research continues to illuminate how sunlight benefits our bodies, including (but not limited to) our natural synthesis of vitamin D. In light of the findings, what should our sun routine look like? How do we optimize the benefits of sun exposure while minimizing skin damage?

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Saturday Web roundup - 12/24/11

Interesting articles, studies and other stuff from around the web for the week of December 18. Enjoy!

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