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How Fitness Affects Metabolism

Which comes first: the chicken or the egg? Good fitness or good metabolism? How does one affect the other? Does being fit automatically confer metabolic blessings? Before proposing answers to these questions, I need to clarify that metabolism doesn’t just refer to your rate of caloric burning - as in “fast” or “slow.” It’s much more complicated than that. “Fast” or “slow” metabolisms are the result of literally thousands of normal or abnormal biologic processes in the body, the outcome of countless, intricate signals that operate in a seemingly endless series of if-then statements. That said, there are genuine metabolic benefits to be had. Being fit is associated with better (and often faster) metabolism. But how?


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8 Habits That Zap Your Vitality

Imagine I were interviewing you right now and asked, “Can you give me a few examples of how your current lifestyle makes it hard to feel the best you’ve ever felt?” Take a minute to think if you need. What’s rolling around in your mind in response? What would we have to talk about? What is “the best you’ve ever felt” exactly? The fact is, many people begin their health journeys with fairly singular (or maybe even simple) goals. They want to lose weight. They want to build muscle. They want to tackle a lifestyle related disease. These are all significant, formidable aims. However, on the path to weight loss, for instance, clients tell me they feel more energy than they ever have. Over time, the sensation grows. As they take on each negative habit, their experience (and understanding) of vitality expands. The journey yields much deeper benefits than they’d first imagined. Likewise, it obliges them to question choices and messages in their lives they never connected with wellbeing in the past. With all this in mind, what are the habits that either foster or hamper vitality? Check out these eight practices and add your own observations about what compromises your energy and vitality.


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