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Vacation Time: How to Stay on Track

Vacation - we look forward to the chance for travel and rest, but our plans may throw our healthy routines for a loop.

Whether it's eating on the road or fitting in exercise, we're challenged to transfer our good intentions to new places, schedules and circumstances.

How can we maximize the advantages of our time away without forgoing our healthy momentum? Read on for eight ideas that can help you maintain your program while making the most of your R&R.


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What to Eat When…

In the course of our established routines, we may do well in sticking with our Healthy Way of Eating intentions. 

Until an unexpected situation throws us for a loop....

What you do during these scenarios over time will determine your success because it's critical to have a mindset - perhaps even more than a plan - that seeks out the healthiest options possible within every situation. 

Check out these eight scenarios for tips on how to maintain your goals during typical "problem" times.


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Traveling, Eating Out and Eating Well

Structured meal plans work well for people as long as they are on a set routine. But what happens when routines are thrown off by business travel, vacations or just dinner out? Is there a way to enjoy a business meal or a dinner date without falling off your nutrition plan?

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