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Turkey Day Menu and Fat Burning Workout

Mid-November signals that Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and as you make preparations to host the once-a-year feast or maybe just need to bring a dish to share, there are ways you can stay on-track with your health goals and not end up feeling like a stuffed turkey.  

While time can be limited in the days leading up to major holidays, it can often give way to a variety of excuses for why it’s okay to skip a workout or overindulge. Once Thanksgiving rolls around it can feel like the tipping point of a holiday rollercoaster that won’t slow down until January and is reason why now is so important to develop and stay committed to a healthy eating plan and workout regime.

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Top 10 Holiday Health Strategies

When clients share what events or seasons tend to trip them up, most inevitably mention the holidays.

As fun as the festivities are, the jumbled schedules, bigger to-do lists and constant eating-focused events are a lot to contend with.

Whether it’s the slew of parties, the ever present sweets in the break room or the less than healthy family/social dinners, it can be a challenge to keep up the same eating and workout plan (and maybe even sleep schedule!).

How can you enjoy the holidays - and stay on track health-wise? Check out these top ten strategies for making the most of the holiday season with health goals intact. 

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