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Top 7 Cravings - and Healthy Foods That Satisfy Them

We can start our day with the best intentions, but somewhere along the way cravings call our name. Before we know it, we’re 3 cups of coffee in, and half the bag of chocolates is gone…. 

The good news—there IS hope, and it starts with learning a bit more about why you might be having specific cravings. 

In addition to identifying your triggers for cravings, finding better foods to satisfy them will help retrain your brain (and your tastebuds!) over time. As a result, you’ll more easily stick with your plan and be able to dodge temptation altogether. 

Read on to learn the top cravings my clients share and the healthier foods they use to satisfy them.


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How to Talk Back to Temptation!

Let's face it, the holidays can be ground zero for temptation. How will you respond this season?

Too often we assume our initial decision to be healthy will become its own fount of self-discipline. Unfortunately, life presents us with plenty of scenarios that often unexpectedly challenge our good intentions.

What do we rely on in those moments? What self-talk is running through our minds? Do we have an adequate arsenal of effective responses to draw upon?

Check out these tried-and-true comebacks used by my clients when temptation lures you.


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Top 10 Junk Food Traps (and How to Resist!)

We can keep our cupboards and refrigerator filled with healthy fare. We can avoid the drive thru and other eating establishments that offer subpar choices. 

But what about the junk food snares that we encounter as we simply go about our day? 

We can't always control our environments, but we can often anticipate potential problems and do our best to pre-empt the enticements we'll regret later.

See which 10 scenarios my clients call their biggest "traps," and learn what tactics you can use to avoid temptation. 


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