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How to Get Your Partner On Board With Your Health Goal

You spend a lot of time with your spouse and your behaviors surely make an impact on them as theirs do on you.  An unsupportive spouse can make or break any program.

If you are embarking on a new health goal and you’re not sure how to approach the topic with your partner, you’re not alone.  It’s something I hear from my clients time and time again and I even deal with it in my own life, sometimes.

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The Life Wisdom That Comes with Weight Loss 

In all my years working with weight loss clients, one of the truths that remains constant is this: our physical journeys have the power to transform us on multiple levels.

And how could they not? We invest our full selves when we remake our health, not to mention our lifestyles.

Our journeys engage our emotional selves as much as our physical bodies. The result is not just pounds lost but lessons gained. 

Read on for inspiring examples of life wisdom learned (and shared) by successful Life Time Weight Loss members. 


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10 Truths of Healthy Habit Change 

What do you think it takes to really overhaul your habits?

From a rational perspective, we'd assume it just requires the realization that different choices are in our best interest.

We'd assume it just takes intention - and maybe an updated grocery list. Throw in a gym membership, and you have the basics, yes?

Not exactly. Actual change has much more to do with our internal settings than our external environment.

Read on for more about the psychological process of behavior change, the investment that becomes habit and the unexpected elements that make or break our goals.


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6 Needs We Underestimate in a Weight Loss Journey

What do you need to be successful in long-term weight loss and body transformation?

Clearly, solid education about nutrition and fitness offer critical guidance. Personal support from loved ones and/or professional coaches is invaluable. 

Additionally, there are the logistical needs we so often underestimate - practices and tools that could play pivotal roles in our overall success. 

Read on for six of the needs we commonly misjudge and the resources we can engage to push our progress forward. 

A Need for Routine AND Variety

Establishing both a plan and a routine for healthy eating and activity are best practices when it comes to losing weight. Grocery shopping every Sunday and packing your gym bag every night before bed are two great examples of productive behaviors we need to practice to make them habit.

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7 Psychological Factors That Influence Weight Loss 

What are the most powerful questions that will determine your weight loss journey - and even outcome?

How many meals should I eat each day? What should be my macronutrient balance? What will I do for movement? How much cardio should I do? What should my resistance training routine look like?

As important as all of these issues are, I'd suggest our mindset has as much influence over our outcomes as logistical choices often do.

See which seven psychological factors I believe commonly figure into weight loss.

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90-Day Primer: Balancing the Basics

With the 90-Day Challenge now underway, many of you are out of the starting gate this week with your in-it-to-win-it strategy. More than the competition itself, you’re committed to come out the other side of the 90 days a healthier, happier you. Reading through our success stories on the Life Time Weight Loss blog, you’ll notice how these men and women have achieved great results. They’ve shown the personal responsibility it takes to start new habits and stick with them. They’ve at times overcome major obstacles with perseverance, discipline and flexibility. It’s not an easy task to say the least. As these stories illustrate, our success depends largely on how we direct our basic resources (time, money, energy, support and psychology). When we acknowledge our personal needs in our health (and competition) journeys, we’re better able to make the best use of those resources and enhance our chance to meet the goals we’ve set.

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Why Work with a Coach?

Let’s say you decide to get healthy. Maybe your goals are to lose weight and to get in shape. You may generally know what needs to happen for you to achieve these goals, meaning you have a sense of what makes for a healthy life and better fitness (or know good sources of information for those). That said, you know the road ahead will be challenging. You won’t always feel like doing what you know you need to do. You might not always know exactly what steps to take first or next. Maybe the process is even starting to feel a little intimidating or overwhelming at times. You find yourself wondering, “Can I really do this alone? Do I want to do it alone?” Enter the idea of a coach. 




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