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Detox Made Simple: Part 3

In part one of this series on detoxification, I uncovered the common sources of toxins we encounter in our everyday lives and the ways our body naturally detoxifies itself. Last week in part two, I shared how inefficiencies in the body’s capacity to detoxify can negatively impact our weight, body composition, and overall health. Today, I’ll highlight some popular detoxification programs and compare their approaches to Life Time’s very own D.TOX plan. As healthy as detoxification can be, not every regimen is safe and/or effective. I’ll also share the amazing results we found in participants who tested our D.TOX plan and fill you in on how you can get started with your very own D.TOX.

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FastFuel Complete | Not Your Average Meal Replacement

I love real food. I recommend people eat real food as much as possible. That said, there are times when a protein shake is a fantastic option. However, just like with food options, there is a variety of quality when it comes to meal replacements. That’s why a lot of thought went into the development of FastFuel Complete. We first began offering FastFuel Complete a couple years ago and have tweaked and improved it during that time to arrive today at what we feel is a superior, great-tasting, complete protein powder/meal replacement powder. Each of the major components were specifically chosen to provide unique health benefits in an easy to mix powder. The following sections outline what makes FastFuel Complete so…complete, whether your goal is weight management, performance enhancement or vitality & health.

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Supplement Spotlight: Bio-Gest

Bio-Gest ® is a comprehensive blend of digestive enzymes which assist in nutrient digestion, absorption, and use as fuel for our bodies. It is a blend of hydrochloric acid (HCL), pancreatin, pepsin, and ox bile. HCL is in essence...

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Glutamine: A Supplement for Every Body?

Most supplements are easy to put into categories, such as basic health, weight loss, sports performance or anti-aging. Glutamine is one of a small number of supplements that seems to find a role in any of the categories mentioned above. We’ll take a look at this important nutrient and see how it can fit in with your health or fitness program.

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Glutamine: More Than a Supplement for Athletes

There are many dietary supplements that do one thing well, such as support gains in lean body mass and strength like creatine monohydrate, or support restful sleep like melatonin. Glutamine is one of a few dietary supplements that can benefit the body in many different ways. We'll take a look at some of the benefits of this very important amino acid.

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