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7 Superfood Menus to Supercharge Your Diet 

How nutrient dense was your diet today?

Some foods offer us nothing positive for the calories and artificial ingredients they contain. These are the "empty" options that we want to let go of on the way to better health and successful weight loss. 

On the other hand, there are foods that serve as pinnacles of nutrition. Within an overall healthy diet, they can take our nutrition from good to great.

But what does a superfood diet really look like? How far will it take me from my normal tastes and routines? Read on for a list of the top superfoods you can enjoy - and seven menus that will help you incorporate them today. 


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Feel the Love – from Foods That Nourish You More!

Adopting a Healthy Way of Eating means optimizing our health and getting more from our daily food choices!

A good diet should always be our first source for essential macro- and micronutrients, but some food options offer a better return than others!

See what dietary sources can nourish you more for these four vitamins and minerals. (And for more ideas about top food sources for specific nutrients, check out my earlier post that highlighted additional essential nutrients!)

Now for today's list... As always, it’s better to get a variety of healthy foods in your diet to gain a wide range of critical nutrients versus just going after improving any single nutrient. Let these lists be a helpful guide for your optimum choices!


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8 Ideal Foods You’re Not Eating

You know the general guidelines for the Healthy Way of Eating, but how can you maximize the good you get out of every meal?

The answer can be the specific foods you choose.

Some foods naturally have more nutritional bang for the buck so to speak. Let these “ideal” choices help you optimize your nutrient intake and health gains!

I challenge you to add at least one of the following (if not all!) to your healthy eating regimen and reap the benefits.

Whether you’re just beginning your weight loss/health journey or you’ve been committed for years, these eight foods can offer a boost to your everyday efforts.


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Nutrition Shortcuts vs. Strategies

Nearly every day someone asks me about a new trend he or she has read about that can purportedly help people lose weight or fight disease.

Underlying their questions, I believe, is this truth. We're a culture of convenience - and why wouldn’t we want our health to come easily? When doing what it takes to eat a healthy diet seems daunting, we may find ourselves wishing simpler recommendations could offer as big of a return.

Below are some of the most common nutrition shortcuts our coaches are asked about on a regular basis. Learn whether these trends are truly strategic and how to best implement those that provide genuinely positive impact!


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10 Ways Superfoods Can Supercharge Your Healthy Eating

Once you get past the processed “junk” products, all food isn’t the same!

So many factors determine the balance and quality of a healthy diet. So-called “superfoods,” for example, are natural nutrient powerhouses, loaded with vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and antioxidants that can provide a plethora of health benefits. Consider them an easy (and delicious) way to upgrade your diet and boost your nutrient intake every day!

Read on for more about the nutritional benefits and practical how-tos for incorporating these super options into your healthy eating routine.


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Healthy Recipe | Chia Pudding

A quick, delightful, low-carb, high-fiber dessert using one of the most popular "superfoods" today, courtesy of Healthy Living How To. Enjoy!

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