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Our Top 4 Success Stories of 2017 

The end of the year is a time for reflection for many of us — about what we’re grateful for and also to think about what changes we’d like to make going forward into a new year.

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5 Truths Behind Every Life Time Weight Loss Success Story

Every weight loss experience is so different and unique, as each person comes from various walks in life. Despite their differences though, what our thousands of success stories have shown us is that there are certain themes that resonate in so many of them.

Losing weight is not the primary obstacle that needs to be overcome. Weight loss is the outcome of conquering other, deeper, obstacles that have led to and/or facilitated the weight gain in the first place.

Read on to discover five of the most common things that your fellow members shared as part of their success stories.

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Why Small Habit Changes Aren't Getting You To Your Goal

For as long as I can remember, the “one-behavior-at-a-time” approach has been deemed the gold standard when it comes to weight loss.

Habit change is hard and with the average American overstressed and overtired, the thought of changing too much of their current lifestyle can sound unbearable, no matter how motivated they are to lose weight. And for most people, there is a laundry list of healthy habits they’ll need to embark and practice over and over before their body decides it’s enough to burn and lose fat. 

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