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How to Talk Back to Temptation!

Let's face it, the holidays can be ground zero for temptation. How will you respond this season?

Too often we assume our initial decision to be healthy will become its own fount of self-discipline. Unfortunately, life presents us with plenty of scenarios that often unexpectedly challenge our good intentions.

What do we rely on in those moments? What self-talk is running through our minds? Do we have an adequate arsenal of effective responses to draw upon?

Check out these tried-and-true comebacks used by my clients when temptation lures you.


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6 Barriers to Body Fat Loss

There's no denying it. A weight loss journey can feel like a formidable undertaking.

It shuttles us through an often surprising process of emotional, behavioral and physical change.

We take on the tasks of learning more about our bodies' needs for optimal health, of implementing new habits that support our metabolic functioning, of exploring what influences (or even people!) both help and hinder our goals.

As complex as the physical picture of fat loss can be, however, the fulcrum of our success is oftentimes our psychological experience.

Understanding our personal challenges means identifying what trips us up and applying the best strategies to address each concern. Below are 6 of the most common "behavioral" barriers that hamper body fat loss.


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Mistakes behind the Most Common Gym Injuries 

“Hmm…that exercise looks like it’s working for that person. Maybe I should try it.” 

Have you found yourself saying this at the gym? Sometimes watching others’ workouts opens up whole new directions in our fitness. We discover new interests. We become willing to push ourselves in new ways.

On the flip side of this coin, however, we may not appreciate the distance between where we’re at and where that other person is. We can easily underestimate the time and training that have gone into his/her current abilities or not understand how a particular exercise fits into his/her larger program. As a result, we may put unreasonable – and sometimes dangerous – expectations on ourselves.

As a corrective exercise specialist, I have seen quite the variety of injuries, most of which were entirely preventable given proper knowledge and instruction. Every body is unique: this point should be a guiding principle for our individual fitness paths. Check out these top considerations we can glean from the majority of gym injuries.


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