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How to eat when you're stressed

Each day we encounter a number of different physical, emotional, physiological, chemical, nutritional or environmental stressors that we need to respond or adapt to. Whether it’s stress induced from a workout, the pressure to hit a deadline, harsh chemicals looming in the air or mending a difficult relationship, the way your body physically reacts to stress will always be the same—the same physiological systems will be involved and the same hormones will be released. While not all stress is bad, when we experience too much for too long, there can be serious consequences to our health. 

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Get Better Workout Results Just By Changing Your Breathing

Every couple of years a new exercise, program or piece of equipment — that initially looks odd or strange — becomes a new norm for fitness enthusiasts. 

Take the foam roller, for example. When the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) explained how it could be an important tool to improve range of motion and movement in the early 2000s, the only people who used them initially were NASM Certified Personal Trainers and their clients. Fast-forward 10 years later, and foam rollers are found in most fitness facilities. Many people use them as a tool in their fitness routines, warm-ups, cool-downs and/or on recovery days.

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3 Stress Busting Tips for Busy People From a Metabolic Expert

When was the last time you lost track of time and were completely in the moment, stress-free, and doing what you love as if you were a kid again? Was it last week, last month or decades ago? Or, perhaps you’re in the camp that legitimately cannot even recall the last time you had a relaxed or carefree moment. For most of us, it’s unlikely that we had a moment like this at some point today.

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5 Signs You're More Stressed Than You Think You Are

While it’s no secret that stress is a potent contributor to weight gain and chronic disease, many of us are quick to assume a “mind-over-matter” mentality to manage our overbooked calendars and never-ending to-do lists. Sure, there’s stress, we say. We manage work deadlines, financial issues, relationship challenges, and care for aging parents, plus many are doubling as homework helpers and kid chauffeurs on nights and weekends. It’s a constant, organized chaos. But that’s life, right? And it should be dealt with by transforming into a sleep-deprived, caffeine-driven superhuman on overdrive. What could go wrong?

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How Stress Wrecks Your Metabolism

Stress: arguably today’s most common -- and often purposefully ignored -- malady. It’s not all bad when it’s intermittent and transient, but chronic, relentless amounts are a different story. Here’s an example: Imagine raising a tall glass of water into the air. No big deal, right? Now, imagine if I asked you to hold it there for the next hour. It’s not heavy to lift-- but it sure is heavy to keep it raised for long periods of time. According to the American Psychological Association1, money, work, family responsibilities and health concerns top the charts as our most significant sources of stress. When I ask clients about stress levels, there’s a common thread of disregard, and even helplessness, about one’s stress. The response typically falls along the lines of excuses with a “Sure, I’m stressed, but…” or, often, comparison to someone that is going through a traumatic life event- the “it’s not as bad as so-and-so” attitude. The reality here is that stress doesn’t grade on a curve, and your stress, gone unmanaged, can truly wreak havoc on not only your health, but also on your fat loss efforts. Read on to learn about just a few ways that stress wrecks your metabolism.

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Why You're Not Sleeping

Although we likely know the impacts shortchanging sleep imposes on our health and weight, the majority of us still don't get enough rest.

Most of us even know we're short on shut-eye. Maybe we want to change our ways and make earnest attempts at earlier bedtimes, but somehow our good intentions never quite result in a full night's rest. 

For better or worse, there isn’t one solution that works for everyone (although certain biology based strategies tend to hold). Finding the best fix for your sleep situation has everything to do with understanding and addressing what got you to those sleepless nights from the start.

Read on to learn the top reasons our clients struggle with sleep - and the solutions that have worked for them! 


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8 Uncommon Tips for Women’s Wellness

Women’s health is a complicated matter.

A woman’s well-being is impacted by an intricate balance of hormone systems such as adrenal, thyroid and sex hormones.

As women progress through the decades of life, hormones ebb and flow and can knock each other off track. This oftentimes makes attaining optimal health and weight loss more challenging as women age.

The good news is that we have significant influence over our hormones and genes by what we choose to do or not do in our lives. Many factors impact hormone balance such as nutrition, supplementation, exercise, stress management, sleep and living environment.

Learn how you can use these areas of influence to enhance your well-being!


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