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Strength Training: Total Body vs. Splits

One of the most common questions I have heard in the 20+ years I’ve been in the fitness industry is, “Should I do total-body workouts or training splits (splits for short)?”  It doesn’t matter if it is asked from a fitness enthusiast who has been working out for six months or six-plus years, the question gets asked all the time, so I will answer it in this article.

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Which Type of Strength Training is Best for You?

Summer is over; fall is here. (Unfortunately, sooner than later — especially for people who live in Minnesota).  As the weather starts to cool off, more people will be headed indoors to clubs like Life Time. The indoor atmosphere offers an ideal space to take up resistance training.  But many members shy away from the weights because they don’t have the time, get bored or feel confused about how to maximize resistance-training benefits.

To prevent this from happening, there will be articles each month on how to get the most out of lifting weights.  This first article will discuss what Straight Sets, Pairs (also known as Super Sets) and Circuits are, and the pros/cons of each.

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Why Getting Stronger Matters for Weight Loss

“Strong is the new skinny.”

It’s a proclamation you may have seen plastered over marketing and social media in recent years, but it’s more than a catch phrase.

Studies show that strength training can play a critical role in achieving maximum health benefits and weight loss success.

Getting stronger means getting leaner as well as fitter. It allows you to be healthier and more resilient. It lets you look and feel slimmer, younger and more vital.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out what the research has to say on why getting stronger matters for your weight loss and health journey.


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Protein Intake for Strength Training Gains

We know that strength training is key for maintaining and building muscle mass, but the best benefits come when these fitness endeavors are matched with appropriate nutrition adjustments.

This includes the addition of extra protein.

But even that's only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

How much protein do we really need? And when is it best timed with our workouts?

Check out the answers to these questions and more as Paul unpacks the appropriate role of protein in a strength training program and the specifics that research suggests regarding optimum dose and timing. 


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5 Strength Training Classes You Should Try

Whether you’re in a fitness rut or you're looking to expand your strength training routine, consider a strength focused class for additional motivation, instruction and variety. 

 As a trainer, I’ve taught a wide variety of group fitness classes over ten years and can tell you that the social impact and group support can really help exercise adherence.

There have always been a wide variety of popular cardio classes, but I’ve seen the strength-focused classes very effective for many members, particularly those who benefit from a group format as they begin or build the strength training side of their fitness programs.

Although you can’t go wrong with any of the options Life Time offers, I'll highlight five classes to improve fitness and, in particular, strength training.


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Myths of Strength Training

What are the biggest misunderstandings that can sidetrack your weight training success?

Whether you’re just beginning strength training or have long made the weights part of your gym experience, you undoubtedly want to maximize the benefits of your efforts.

Getting the most out of your program involves so much more than the numbers you lift. It’s important to understand how your body responds to the physical stress imposed by the weight in a variety of training contexts and timing. Read on for top strength training misconceptions and the truth behind these assumptions.


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