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4 Ways Household Cleaners Negatively Impact Your Waistline

It’s no secret that nutrition and exercise are among the most important lifestyle factors when it comes to losing weight. As we’re discovering more and more, things such as sleep, stress and daily activity are not to be overlooked either. Yet even those who practice a nearly perfectly healthy lifestyle are still sometimes left with the mystery of weight that will not budge.

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Why Use Non-Toxic Cleaners?

We all like the idea of a sparkling clean, germ-free, fresh-smelling home. To that end, we tend to use a sizable array of products: air fresheners, soaps, detergents, bleaching agents, polishes, glass cleaners, oven cleaners, etc. Today, we’ll revisit our Clean Living series to address just that--household cleaners. Knowing that toxins can enter our bodies through inhalation, ingestion, and absorption, do you think about the safety of the cleaners you use on a regular basis? Understanding the health risks can suddenly make that sparkling mirror, shiny countertop, and spotless floor lose a bit of their luster. Today, we’ll look at the health risks associated with common household cleaners, the ingredients to look for and avoid, and some non-toxic alternatives that can preserve your health—and budget. 

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Clean Living, Part 1: Non-Toxic Laundry Options

Laundry can be a filthy job, but the mess might be the least of our problems. Beyond the sweat, dirt or food stains, we’re exposed to a multitude of serious toxins in everyday laundry products. They’re, in fact, among the very toxins that contribute to obesity, diabetes, and many other chronic diseases, including cancer. With the average American household washing between 400-600 loads of laundry per year, there are 400-600 chances to either be exposed to these chemicals—or not! Which will you choose? Luckily, going non-toxic is simpler and cheaper than you’d expect. Let’s look at easy and effective ways to switch up your cleaning routine and ditch the toxins lurking in your laundry room! 

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How to Bring Spring In

Have you caught yourself in a health rut?  This time of year is typical for that.   With the winter behind us, our new-year fitness and health practices may start to get boring, often leading to deviation from our healthy way of life path.  Instead of letting this happen, utilize some spring motivation to spruce up some of those habits.  Spring is all about metamorphosis which makes it the perfect time of year to reassess your current plan and embark on a little change.  Read on for your guide on how to bring spring into your diet, supplement and exercise habits! 

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