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12 Spring Fitness Challenges - for Every Exerciser

Spring is often the perfect time to take up a new exercise goal. The weather is better, which means there's more incentive to be out and active. 

Why not seize the new beginning with a personal fitness challenge?

More than a regular exercise routine, a challenge pushes us to train for a particular performance goal and offers that rewarding finish line effect. 

This time of year you'll find all kinds of events that serve as challenges - or you can create your own using nearly any kind of exercise.

Choose the perfect challenge for you to reinvigorate a stagnant fitness routine or to kick off a new level of performance - all while adding fun and competition to the mix! Check out these 12 challenge ideas that span the full fitness spectrum.


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Recipe Round-up: Late Spring Veggies 

While mid-summer bounty garners the most attention, late spring delivers plenty of tasty, nutrient-dense vegetables we can incorporate into our healthy way of eating. These months deliver the first tempting crops of greens, herbs, onions and other “early” veggies. While these days we certainly have the luxury of never being limited to what's in season locally, eating seasonally can encourage us to experiment with new foods - particularly with produce. Whether you're looking to up your veggie intake or interested in trying out more seasonal fare, check out this four-course, spring-oriented menu - from soup to (pine) nuts. 


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Spring Primer: 8 Ways to Refresh Your Health Routine

Most of us are welcoming the beginning of spring these days, shaking off the winter doldrums and anticipating the promises of summer. In the midst of these warmer days, maybe you're priding yourself on the hard work you've done over the winter months. On the other hand, maybe you find yourself wishing you were a little further along in your progress as summer (and swimsuit season) approach. Sometimes all you need is a refresh in your health and fitness routine to renew your motivation and kickstart the next chapter of your health and transformation journey! Check out these 8 tips below to recharge your healthy lifestyle this season. 

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