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Dietitian Q&A on the best bedtime snacks 

When it comes to bedtime snacking, there are several misconceptions that can cloud someone’s judgement on whether or not it’s determinantal, acceptable or beneficial. To help bring some clarity to the age-old debate, our team of registered dietitians break down the art of snacking at bedtime and what have addressed some of the most common questions when it comes to bedtime snacking

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What to eat when you're craving sweets

One of the most frequent questions my clients' ask me is what they should eat at night when they’re craving something sweet. There’s just something about that time of day. For me, it’s when I finally slow down and relax. Our typical day is go-go-go from the moment we wake up in the morning — getting lunches packed and the entire family ready and dropped off in time for school and work. By the time we eat dinner and get in a little more play, we have a small chunk of time left to relax. I know for many, this is that time of day when the sweet tooth can really kick in.

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Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

Even though we know we shouldn’t, we've all taken a bite (or two) of raw cookie dough in our lives, right? Here’s a version that that you won’t have to feel guilty about. And it’s just as tasty — and healthy, too. This recipe uses our vanilla Life Time Beef Protein with Collagen Peptides, and the other secret ingredient is beans — which also makes this cookie dough rich in protein, fiber and iron. If you're thinking you might pass because you're not a legume fan, I challenge you to try it. You’ll be surprised that there’s no bean flavor at all — they just add a rich and creamy texture. 

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5 Bad Eating Habits to Break Today

Habits are habits are habits.  Good or bad, they are our daily behaviors that stem from repetitive practice.  And when it comes to eating, there are certain modern lifestyle habits that greatly increase the chance of becoming overweight.  Below are 5 really bad eating habits that you change today.   But as always with habits, perfect practice makes perfect. So work on them every day until they’ve been replaced with healthier practices!

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Gluten-Free, Low-Carb Granola

For whatever reason, many health-conscious people seem to think granola is healthy. Most of the time, it’s loaded with extra sugar, it’s mostly grains and comes up pretty short on protein content. Just check the labels in your cupboard if you have it, or check out the labels at the store the next time you’re there. Granola does taste good, though, so if there was a way to make it without all the carbs…there is a way! Thanks to Healthy Living How To for sharing this delicious recipe. If you’re a granola fan, give this one a try. It’s much healthier than most you’ll find.

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