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How Self Talk Makes (or Breaks) Your Weight Loss Efforts

Pause for a second and think to yourself, “How many times have I thought something positive about myself today?” Then also ask yourself, “How many times have I criticized myself today?” Self-talk can quickly spark motivation or sabotage not just our thoughts, but also our actions.

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7 Mental Hurdles for Beginning a Weight Loss Program

It can take a lot for someone to walk through our doors for the first time, a lot to approach the dietitian and fitness professionals’ desk, a lot to venture a major lifestyle change. I’ve seen it.

I know the looks on people’s faces when they’re lost in the weight training areas, when they’re surveying the products on the shelves with questions they’re not ready to ask yet, when they’re moving around the club wondering if anyone in that room feels like they do right now.

And I imagine them at home looking in the refrigerator or at the grocery store deliberating whether they’ll resist making the same unhealthy choices or attempt something new.


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How to Talk Back to Temptation!

Let's face it, the holidays can be ground zero for temptation. How will you respond this season?

Too often we assume our initial decision to be healthy will become its own fount of self-discipline. Unfortunately, life presents us with plenty of scenarios that often unexpectedly challenge our good intentions.

What do we rely on in those moments? What self-talk is running through our minds? Do we have an adequate arsenal of effective responses to draw upon?

Check out these tried-and-true comebacks used by my clients when temptation lures you.


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Self-Talk Sabotage: 5 Messages to Dump Today

“I’m too tired,” “I’ll never fit into those jeans,” or “Why can’t I look like him?” How do these messages make you feel? Not motivated and upbeat - I can tell you that much! We all deal with self-talk on some level, but how we respond to it can make or break our success. It can also make our journeys more emotionally affirming or stressful! In order to achieve the look and health we want, we need to lose the messages that undermine these visions. Read on for 5 common statements that sabotage our motivation, and consider the lessons you can take away to empower your healthy journey. 


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